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Every Keeper Location on the Citadel (& How to Scan Them)

Mass Effect Citadel Keepers

Shepard can earn a few credits and some XP by helping a scientist scan the Citadel Keepers in Mass Effect. Here’s how to find all 21 of them.

The Keepers of the Citadel are the most elusive race in the Mass Effect series, and most of the galaxy knows little to nothing about them. These insectoid creatures stand at terminals around the Presidium and Wards in the Citadel, usually minding their own business. Should Shepard try to examine one on their first visit to the Citadel in Mass Effect, the Citadel’s VI interface, Avina, will chastise them and tell them not to bother the Keepers. One Mass Effect side mission has Shepard covertly scan the Keepers and provide data to a salarian scientist named Chorban and his volus partner Jahleed.

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Shepard will likely pick up this quest from Chorban following the Council hearing, but Jahleed can also ask. No matter how Shepard unlocks this mission, should they accept, they must find and scan all 20 of the 21 unique Keepers found around the Citadel. Doing so will earn credits and XP. Refusing to do so will earn a little less XP and some Paragon points. Thankfully, the developers of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition decided not to change the location or number of Keepers players must find from the original game, so any fans who memorized the locations will not need to worry about missing one. Here’s where to find and scan all 21 Citadel Keepers in Mass Effect.

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Where to Find All 21 Citadel Keepers in Mass Effect

Map of all Keeper locations on the Citadel in Mass Effect

The map above shows the location of all 21 Keepers in Mass Effect. A more detailed description of each location appears below, organized by Citadel location:

Citadel Tower

  • Keeper 1: Next to Chorban, the Keeper he tried to scan when Shepard found him, between the staircase to the Council Chamber and the rock garden.
  • Keeper 2: Up the stairs and to the left, on a balcony overlooking the fountain
  • Keeper 3: Past NPC Rear Admiral Kahoku on the middle tier of the tower.
  • Keeper 4: In a corridor in the northwest corner of the map, close to the Rapid Transit Terminal
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  • Keeper 5: Immediately off the elevator from the Citadel Towers to the Presidium, next to an Avina terminal (the Keeper that can be Examined)
  • Keeper 6: To the left of Keeper 5, by the sloping wall and staircase leading to the Wards (across from the preaching hanar and C-Sec officer).
  • Keeper 7: At the Embassies, up the stairs to the left of the Embassy reception desk and inside the door straight ahead. The Keeper is at the other end of the room containing a human, turian, and elcor diplomat.
  • Keeper 8: In the Embassy bar, out the back door onto the balcony and to the right.
  • Keeper 9: In the room with the elcor and volus diplomats, across from the elcor diplomat’s desk. To reach it, Shepard must go to the right of the Embassy reception desk, up the stairs, and through the corridor.
  • Keeper 10: Across from the rapid transit terminal outside the chambers of the Asari Consort, Sha’ira, in the financial district.
  • Keeper 11: In an alcove across from the krogan statue and fountain in the financial district.
  • Keeper 12: Up the stairs at the back of the Emporium (behind the hanar shopkeeper), to the left.

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  • Keeper 13: Outside the Med Clinic, to the right of the rapid transit terminal.
  • Keeper 14: Next to Expat’s stand in the Ward Market.
  • Keeper 15: In the alley next to Chora’s Den, where Shepard rescues Tali from Fist’s men.
  • Keeper 16: In the casino behind the bar in Flux, in the back corner by the hacked Quasar machine.
  • Keeper 17: Outside C-Sec academy by the shuttles and Officer Lang.
  • Keeper 18: Inside the C-Sec Requisitions Office, to the immediate left of the door.
  • Keeper 19: In the C-Sec Traffic Control room, up the stairs from Chellick’s office and Jahleed.
  • Keeper 20: On the Alliance Docking Bay across from the Normandy.
  • Keeper 21: In the Wards Access area, located in a small room between elevators.

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Once Shepard finds a Keeper, they will need to approach and interact with it to scan it. The information will be uploaded to Chorban’s database, and Shepard will receive a reward of credits and XP.

If Shepard manages to scan at least 20 of the 21 Keepers on the Citadel in Mass Effect, they will receive bonus credits and XP, and the Assignment will register as complete. Alternatively, Shepard can choose to abandon the side mission by talking to Chorban again. They will earn XP and Paragon points for this decision.


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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