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Every Major Comic Character Missing From Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy

Jupiters Legacy Missing Characters

Jupiter’s Legacy took the superhero world to a dark, broody and morally unsound place. The series, which is based on the comic book series by Mark Millar and Frank Quietly, introduces several characters, including the founding members of the Union of Justice — Sheldon Sampson, Grace Kennedy, Fitz Small, George Hutchence, Walter Sampson, and Richard Conrad — and their children, namely Chloe and Brandon Sampson and Hutch Hutchence.

The series is split into two time periods, the 1930s and the present day, exploring the origins of the Union’s superpowers and the continuing effects they have on them, their loved ones, and the world in the modern day. Jupiter’s Legacy takes its time to focus on individual characters, going so far as to expand the roles of minor characters from the comics while also introducing others who didn’t previously exist. 

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However, with such a large cast to work with already, Jupiter’s Legacy does leave out its fair share of characters from the comics, ones who had some kind of effect on the story. Here are all the major comics characters missing from the Netflix show.  

Jason Hutchence

Jason Hutchence is a third generation superhero and the eight-year-old son of Chloe Sampson and Hutch Hutchence. He has a prominent role in the comics and lives with his parents in Australia, hiding away from the superheroes who are after him and his family. However, Jason doesn’t appear in Jupiter’s Legacy because Chloe and Hutch aren’t at the stage where they have a child yet. In fact, season 1 explored the origins of their relationship. Considering the fact that they had only started dating (and hadn’t even told anyone about their newfound romance), Jason’s absence makes sense, though he’ll hopefully appear in future seasons of the show if it gets renewed by Netflix.

Peter Small

Peter is Fitz Small’s eldest son. He inherits his father’s superhero abilities and takes up the role after Fitz retires and leaves the Union. He doesn’t appear in Jupiter’s Legacy, but it’s possible Petra was introduced in the series as a replacement for him. Peter isn’t Fitz’s only child, however, and he does have two more unnamed siblings, a sister and a brother. Unlike Petra, however, Peter has more of a contentious relationship with his father thanks to Fitz’s affair with another woman. Peter could always appear in season 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy, though it’s likely he’ll be younger than Petra in the show. Bringing Peter onto the show would further expand upon Fitz’s home life beyond his work with the Union, as well as showcase his superhero life and how it affected the kid who possibly didn’t become a superhero at all.

Sunny Sampson

Sunny is Walter’s wife and the previous girlfriend of George Hutchence who left the latter to be with the former. Sunny’s actions are what fueled George to fight with Walter and eventually leave the Union behind. However, Sunny’s decision to break up with George and be with Walter wasn’t her own. In a deeply sinister twist, it’s revealed that Walter actually brainwashed Sunny into falling in love with him. Sunny dies from cancer in the comics, but Jupiter’s Legacy could introduce her in season 2 flashbacks to explain what happened between George and Walter and how she was wronged.

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Jules Sampson 

Jules is Walter’s son, an engineer who also inherited the superpowered abilities from his father. He was a member of the Union of Justice until The Utopian suspended him for a while for crossing the line with a civilian he’d rescued. Jules works with Walter to hunt down other superheroes in a bid to maintain power. Jupiter’s Legacy left Jules out, opting to focus only on Walter’s daughter Raikou, though her story ended shortly after her introduction in season 1. It’s still possible for Jules to appear in season 2 considering how secretive Walter has generally been about his personal life thus far. There’s still a lot unknown about him and finding out Walter has a son wouldn’t be a surprise in the show.

Joan Wilson

Also known as Skyscraper, Joan Wilson has superpowers that allow her to grow to the height of the tallest buildings. She’s a newer member of the Union of Justice who was once stopped by Barnabus Wolfe, a supervillain who appeared in Jupiter’s Legacy and was once an antagonist to the Union. Considering Barnabus appeared in the first season of the Netflix show, it’s possible Joan could come into play in season 2. There are still a number of superpowered characters left to explore and Joan would be a great addition for a potential season 2. 

April Kelly

In Jupiter’s Legacy, Fitz is much more of a calm, thoughtful member of the Union of Justice. In the comics, however, he’s a lot different and that is most obvious with his affair with April Kelly, a superhero without powers. April and Fitz had an affair, which was heavily frowned upon by the other Union superheroes. She was first and foremost a sidekick of sorts to The Flare, helping him in his superhero activities after they met during a battle. Fitz went on to propose to April while still married, but she disappeared after an injury left him paralyzed. Considering April was only a teenager in the comics, the writers of Jupiter’s Legacy were correct in leaving her out of the show and altering certain aspects of Fitz’s own characteristics.  

Frank Gardner

Frank is Dr. Richard Conrad’s lover in the 1960s. The pair were introduced to each other at a party thrown by Katharine Hepburn. However, their relationship was short-lived because FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover found out about Richard being gay and a superhero and decided to blackmail him for information on the identities of the other Union members. This, along with Richard’s attempted suicide, ended his and Frank’s relationship. It’s possible Frank could appear in Jupiter’s Legacy season 2, especially considering fans know next to nothing about Richard. His addition could expand upon his and Richard’s relationship and his potential appearance could add another layer to the show. 

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