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Every Member Of The Rogues The Arrowverse Has Introduced

The Flash every member of the rogues gallery the arrowverse has introduced

Since The Flash began in 2014, the Arrowverse drama has introduced pretty much all of the super-villains that are part of The Rogues. Ever since Barry Allen became one of The CW’s resident superheroes, many aspects of the Scarlet Speedster’s mythology have been adapted from page to screen. While The Flash has gone up against multiple speedster villains like Reverse-Flash, Zoom, Savitar, and Godspeed, Barry has also taken on various metahumans in Central City. But one of the most famous parts of The Flash’s mythology is the super-villain group, The Rogues. Similar to Batman and Spider-Man, Flash has some colorful villains that go back multiple decades.

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The Rogues consist of iconic Central City baddies like Captain Cold, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, The Trickster, and numerous others. Together, they have always stood as formidable villains against The Flash. While the lineup has evolved over the years, it hasn’t changed the fact that The Rogues are a crucial part of the Scarlet Speedster’s mythology. Throughout The Flash, the Arrowverse has incorporated the majority of them. Some have lasted longer than others, while certain Rogues have taken newer roles within the franchise. While The Flash has never seen all of The Rogues together, there have been occasional minor team-ups, especially in the earlier seasons.

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As The Flash season 7 is still going, the show will enter its eighth season in the next TV season. While the Arrowverse drama has been going on since 2014, it is unclear whether or not fans will ever see a classic get-together of The Rogues before the show ends, whenever that might be. At this point, it may never happen due to so many of the Rogues having left the franchise a long time ago, as The Flash has gone in new creative directions. While classic Rogues have appeared in the Arrowverse, The Flash has also utilized some other comic book versions of the team. Since The Flash isn’t the only Arrowverse show to introduce Rogues members, this will explore each member chronologically.

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Captain Cold

The first Rogues member to join the Arrowverse was Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold, who debuted in The Flash season 1, episode 4, “Going Rogue.” Since Captain Cold is one of the top famous Rogues, it made sense for the DC drama to start with him. While Snart starts as a villain, Captain Cold eventually became a superhero when he joined Legends of Tomorrow season 1. By season’s end, Captain Cold sacrificed himself for the team and died, leading him to be remembered as a Legend.


Arrowverse Girder The Flash

One of the members from Blacksmith’s (or Amunet Black’s, as Arrowverse fans know her as) Rogues is Tony Woodward, a.k.a. Tony Girder, who shows up in The Flash’s sixth episode, “The Flash is Born.” This iteration was Barry’s childhood bully that later becomes one of Flash’s first villains. After being affected by the particle accelerator explosion, Girder got the power to turn his skin into metal. Despite being killed off in the first season, Crisis on Infinite Earths undid his death.

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Rainbow Raider

The Flash Rainbow Raider Roy G. Bivolo

During the first Arrowverse crossover between The Flash and Arrow, Roy Bivolo, a.k.a. Rainbow Raider, appears in the eighth episode “Flash vs Arrow” in The Flash season 1. Rainbow Raider is the first foe Oliver Queen and Barry has to go up against, as Roy had the power to manipulate people’s emotions through pathokinesis. The Flash is affected by his powers as he and the Arrow have a showdown. Following his appearance in “Rogue Air,” Rainbow Raider hasn’t been seen again.

Captain Boomerang

Rainbow Raider wasn’t the only Rogue member that The Flash/Arrow crossover introduced, as there was one more in the following episode. In “The Brave and the Bold,” Digger Harkness, a.k.a. Captain Boomerang, arrives in Star City. After being defeated by the heroes, Captain Boomerang wouldn’t return until the Arrow season 5 finale, where he, along with Deathstroke, is released to help in the fight against Prometheus. Harkness was, however, already working for Prometheus, and after turning on Green Arrow, Captain Boomerang dies in a landmine explosion.


Legends of Tomorrow Heatwave

In The Flash midseason 1 premiere “Revenge of the Rogues,” Mick Rory, a.k.a. Heatwave, Captain Cold’s old partner, goes up against Team Flash with Snart. While Heatwave is one of the recurring Rogues, that only lasted until The Flash season 2. Similar to Captain Cold, Mick joins Legends of Tomorrow where he reforms himself as a hero. While he is still a hothead, Mick is one of the remaining original members from Legends of Tomorrow season 1.

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Pied Piper

Hartley Rathaway, a.k.a. Pied Piper, becomes another recurring foe in The Flash’s first season. This version of Hartley initially worked for Harrison Wells (Eobard in disguise) at STAR Labs before the particle accelerator explosion. While Pied Piper initially starts as a villain, Barry’s time travel in The Flash season 2 turned Hartley into an ally. Crisis on Infinite Earths did seemingly undo it as they were rivals again, but they made amends at the end of The Flash season 6.

Weather Wizard

The Flash Mark Mardon Weather Wizard

While The Flash pilot had Clyde Mardon as the first Weather Wizard, Mark Mardon eventually debuted in the first season. In the fifteenth episode, “Out of Time,” Mark uses his weather abilities to go after Joe West for killing Clyde. Weather Wizard almost destroys Central City with a tsunami, but thanks to Barry accidentally running back in time, Mark is stopped. In The Flash season 5, the show introduced a gender-swapped version of Mark’s son, with Joslyn Jackham, who becomes the Arrowverse’s take on Weather Witch.


In Arrow season 3, episode 16, “The Offer,” another member of Blacksmith’s Rogues is brought into the Arrowverse, with Michael Amar, a.k.a. Murmur. This incarnation of Murmur was forced to lie that he was guilty of a crime he didn’t commit when he got beaten up by cops. After Murmur gets out of Iron Heights, he had his mouth sewn shut, so he could never be forced to say anything he didn’t want to say. Murmur went on to become one of Team Arrow’s recurring foes, including in the fourth season, where he teamed up with H.I.V.E.

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Golden Glider

Peyton List Golden Glider Lisa Snart The Flash

As Arrowverse’s Rogues were expanding in The Flash season 1, Captain Cold’s little sister Lisa Snart, a.k.a. Golden Glider, shows up in episode 16, “Rogue Time.” In the comics, Golden Glider has powers as of The New 52 where she can project herself in astral form. Arrowverse’s Golden Glider, however, isn’t a metahuman as Lisa has Cisco Ramon make her a gold gun, allowing her to use it on anything and turn it into gold. Lisa hasn’t appeared since her last episode in The Flash season 2.

The Trickster

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Mark Hamill played James Jesse, a.k.a. The Trickster, in the original The Flash TV show with John Wesley Shipp, and gets to play the Arrowverse’s iteration, too. In The Flash season 1, episode 17, appropriately titled “Tricksters,” the original Trickster is broken out of prison by someone close to him. While Jesse teams up with Captain Cold and Weather Wizard in The Flash midseason 2 finale, the Trickster hasn’t been seen on the show ever since, as he escaped prison again, offscreen in The Flash season 4.

The Trickster II

The Flash Axel Walker The Trickster

In “Tricksters,” the one that breaks James out of prison is none other than his son Axel Walker, who becomes The Trickster II in the Arrowverse. As Axel and James communicated with each other through letters, it inspired the new Trickster to follow in his father’s footsteps. In The Flash season 4, episode 11, “The Elongated Knight Rises,” it’s revealed that Axel’s mother is none other than James’s old partner Zoey Clark, a.k.a. Prank.

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Double Down

Double Down from Arrow

Arrow introduced another Rogue member from Blacksmith’s team, which became the final time the Arrowverse introduced one of Flash’s villains on a different show. In Arrow season 4, episode 3, “Restoration,” Jeremy Tell, a.k.a. Double Down, is featured as a H.I.V.E. associate who was affected by the particle accelerator explosion. Jeremy got the ability to create deadly playing cards from his tattoos and use them as weapons. Hired to take out the Green Arrow, Jeremy is ultimately stopped and sent to Iron Heights.

Tar Pit

The Flash Tar Pit Villain

During The Flash season 2, the Arrowverse introduced only one new Rogues member. In the twelfth episode, “Fast Lane,” Joseph Monteleone, a.k.a. Tar Pit, becomes a short-lived villain who has the power to create heated tar from his body. After being stuck in a tar pit for almost three years, Joseph goes after the people who tried to kill him. During his one and only episode, Joseph was able to transform into looking like he does in the comics before being defeated by The Flash.


Arrowverse Magenta Frankie Bridge The Flash

The Flash season 3 introduced multiple Rogues members into the Arrowverse, starting with Frankie Kane, a.k.a. Magenta, who was on Blacksmith’s team in the comics. In episode 3, “Magenta,” Franke was introduced as a teenager who had developed a split personality, with Magenta being an evil persona that would take over sometimes. She became another husk-meta, who had her powers restored from the other timeline by Doctor Alchemy. Post-Flashpoint, Frankie got taken over by Magenta, who spun out of control when trying to kill Frankie’s abusive adoptive father. But thanks to The Flash’s help, Frankie retakes control, and Barry helps her find a better foster family.

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Mirror Master

In The Flash season 3, episode 4, “The New Rogues,” Sam Scudder, a.k.a. the Mirror Master, arrives in the Arrowverse. Sam was working with Captain Cold before getting his powers, but they didn’t exactly get along. While “The New Rogues” established his origin story, Crisis on Infinite Earths readjusted it, revealing that the Mirror Master they fought in the third season was actually the first mirror clone Eva McCulloch created, leaving the real Sam’s fate uncertain.

The Top

The Flash Season 3 Ashley Rickards as The Top Rosa Dillon

In “The New Rogues,” a gender-swapped version of The Top shows up in the Arrowverse, with Rosa Dillon established as Sam’s partner-in-crime and girlfriend. After being affected by the particle accelerator explosion, Rosa got empath abilities and the power to induce vertigo in her victims. While Rosa appears in “The Once and Future Flash” in a now-erased future, The Top didn’t return until The Flash season 7 where it revealed that Rosa and Sam had worked for Black Hole. But once they wanted out, Sam is shattered to pieces in front of Rosa, who learns that her boyfriend was a mirror clone.



One of Blacksmith’s final Rogues that gets their Arrowverse debut is Jared Morillo, a.k.a. Plunder, who appears in The Flash season 3, episode 10, “Borrowing Problems from the Future.” In the previous episode, Barry accidentally got sent a few months into the future, where he sees a headline that Plunder had been caught. In the same episode, Barry is forced to deal with Plunder in the present, debating whether or not to catch him in order to change the timeline so Iris West won’t get killed.

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Abra Kadabra

abra kadabra the flash chronarch

In The Flash season 3, episode 18, “Abra Kadabra,” the 64th-century Rogue shows up in the Arrowverse as one of Barry’s enemies from the future. Abra infused his body with futuristic nanotechnology, which is also defined as techno-magic. During their first encounter in 2017, Abra is on the run from Cynthia, after having killed people on Earth-19. His second and final appearance is in The Flash season 7, episode 4, “Central City Strong,” as Abra’s life was affected by Crisis on Infinite Earths. Initially, Abra tries to destroy Central City with an Anti-Matter bomb, as payback against Flash, but Barry manages to get through to him. However, as they call it a truce, Abra Kadabra is killed by Fuerza.

Amunet Black

The Flash Blacksmith Amunet Black Katee Sackhoff

After the Arrowverse introduced all of Blacksmith’s Rogues, it was only appropriate for The Flash to eventually introduce Blacksmith herself during the fourth season. In the fifth episode, “Girls Night Out.” Amunet Black is depicted as a crime lord who is actively selling the powers of metahumans in a metahuman trafficking ring. The particle accelerator explosion caused Amunet to become a metahuman herself, with the power to control alnico metal. Amunet becomes one of Caitlin Snow’s personal enemies after she and Killer Frost tried to get out of Amunet’s criminal organization.

Mirror Mistress

The Flash Mirror Mistress

The final major Rogue that the Arrowverse introduced was a gender-swapped take on Evan McCulloch, a.k.a. the second Mirror Master, as Eva McCulloch became the Mirror Mistress. In the second half of The Flash season 6, Eva serves as the big bad after trapping Iris inside the Mirrorverse, resulting in a mirror clone being created. Eva eventually escapes into the real world to murder her husband, Joseph Carver, in an act of revenge for him betraying her and stealing her tech. The Flash season 7 reveals that not only did Eva make a clone out of Sam Scudder, but she was technically the Arrowverse’s first Mirror Master all along.

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However, Eva discovers that she was actually a mirror clone herself of the real McCulloch, who died the night the particle accelerator exploded. It causes Eva to snap as she decides to use the Mirrorverse to turn everyone in the world into mirror clones. But Iris and The Flash convince Mirror Mistress not to do it, as she could still fight the darkness and not turn evil. Eva stops the Mirrorverse invasion and decides to return to her world to start over. With Mirror Mistress (or Mirror Monarch as she renamed herself), Eva is the last of the major Rogues that the Arrowverse has introduced.

While a team-up of all the famous ones would be fun, it is unlikely to happen given how many seasons it has been. The Flash will hopefully have at least some variation of The Rogues getting together against Team Flash. The Flash season 7 introduced the DC villain Chillblaine, and he could be someone capable of bringing together Rogues characters from past seasons. The lineup could consist of Rogues like Amunet Black, both Tricksters, The Top, Weather Wizard, and perhaps introduce the second Captain Boomerang, Owen Mercer, in the Arrowverse, since Harkness is dead. Either way, it’s impressive how many of The Rogues managed to get introduced in the Arrowverse through The Flash.

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