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Every New Monster Added to Monster Hunter Rise 3.0

Monster Hunter Rise Every New Monster

Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.0 introduces new monsters into the hunt. This guide will show players every new monster to join the game’s roster.

New Monsters have been added to Monster Hunter Rise as part of the 3.0 update. This guide will show players every new monster added in this patch. Monster Hunter Rise has been a massive success for the Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter World previously released back on the PlayStation as an exclusive title which left tons of Nintendo fans in the dust for years. Now, the Switch finally has its own dedicated Monster Hunter title with its own unique content and updates. Players can ride on monsters and control them to do some serious damage. Recently, the game was introduced to its version 3.0 update that came along with tons of quality of life improvements and new monsters to hunt. This guide will show players every new monster to release in this update.

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It’s important to mention that players will need at least 1.4 GB of space on their Nintendo Switch. The internal storage of the console itself is pretty small so it’s always recommended for players to invest in a Micro SD card for the platform. This update is also completely free to download. Outside of new monsters, players are able to participate in new Hub quests and Rampage Quests. This is a great time to book up the game and try out some of its new free content. This guide will show players every new monster to release in this update.

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Every New Monster in Version 3.0 of Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise TItle Update 3 Goes Live Tonight

For version 3.0, players are introduced to 2 new monsters that they can hunt. Here is everything that is known about them.

  • The Crimson Glow Valstrax: This monster was originally from Monster Hunter Generations, a title that was released for the Nintendo 3DS and later brought over to the Nintendo Switch. While this monster isn’t exactly new, it’s brand new for players of Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Apex Zinogre: This is the apex version of the Zinogre that already exists in the game. Players will be able to hunt it in a Rampage Quest.

Outside of these two new monsters, players will be able to fight against Apex Rathian and Apex Diablos in regular quests. This is a great chance to take down these monsters for additional materials and content. New weapons and gear have also been added as part of this update. Make sure to stay on top of the game to avoid falling behind when new content is made available.

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Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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