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Every Season Of Married At First Sight, Ranked


Lifetime’s popular romantic reality TV series Married At First Sight has had the viewers on the edge of their seats for years. Week in, week out, fans love to tune into every episode to see what the couples have got up to; they are intrigued by the prospect that several individuals could have grown closer due to their tasks or experienced a setback of some kind.

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Based on a hit 2013 Danish series, the American version has aired 186 episodes (and counting) since premiering on the FYI Network in 2014. Here is how every single season of the show stacks up so far.  

11 Season 4

Married At First Sight - Every season ranked

While the season came with enough drama to satisfy even the most craven fans, many will tell you that season 4 in Miami is the worst of the lot. The main reason was due to the boring and unlikable nature of the couple Tom and Lily, and the dissolution of couple Derek and Heather, who left the show after a few days into their honeymoon.

While Tom and Lily and Nick and Sonia said yes during the Final Decision, all three couples who appeared during the season are now divorced.

10 Season 9

Deonna and Greg in Married At First Sight 9

Season 9 of Married at First Sight took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, and consisted of four competing couples. One dramatic subplot involved the series mainstay, Dr. Jessica Griffin, revealing that she would not return due to her romance with season 6 contestant Jon Francetic. They have since gotten engaged.

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The otherwise lackluster season culminated with two ‘Yes’ and two ‘No’ Final Decisions. The two couples who agreed to remain together, Jamie and Elizabeth and Gregory and Deonna, are still married to this day.

9 Season 3

Atlanta couple from Married At First Sight 3

After a whirlwind of chaos featured in season 2, season 3 felt like a bit of a disappointing letdown that lacked the same level of drama. However, the Atlanta-set season did mark the first time in show history that a couple disagreed during their Final Decision.

Nursing student, Ashley Doherty, said ‘No’ to her husband David, who, in turn, said ‘Yes’ to wanting to remain together. Likewise, Niel Bowlus also declined to remain with his wife Samantha, who said ‘Yes’ during her Final Decision. All three couples that competed are now divorced.

8 Season 7

Dallas couple from Married At First Sight 7

For just the second time in the history of the series, all three couples said ‘Yes’ to their Final Decision during the season 7 finale. While that makes for happy endings, it didn’t inspire a whole lot of drama in the rest of the Dallas-set season.

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Of the three couples who competed, only Bobby and Danielle Bergman-Dodd remain married to this day. They have a son named Bobby Jr. and a daughter named Olivia Nicole. The other two couples, Mia and Tristan and Dave and Amber, have since divorced.

7 Season 6

Boston couple from Married At First Sight 6

Despite the low aggregation of its IMDb score, many fans will tell you that Married at First Sight sixth season is one of the more entertaining of the lot. The season took place in Boston, where a trio of couples in their twenties did their best to remain loyal to each other.

With no shortage of relationship drama and commitment issues, the season culminated with two ‘Yes’ Final Decisions when cosmetologist Shawniece and elementary school teacher Jephte agreed to remain together, as did sales rep Jaclyn and firefighter Ryan. Alas, only the former couple remains married.

6 Season 8

Keith and Kristine from Married At First Sight 8

Season 8 of Married at First Sight marked the first time the competition in the show expanded from three couples to four. Set in Philadelphia, many memorable moments took place during the season, which ended in a 2:2 split decision.

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One of the biggest highlights of the season came following the couples’ honeymoon vacations when they struggled to move in with each other. The two couples who remain married include Stephanie and AJ and Kieth and Kristine, while Will and Jasmine and Luke and Kat have since got a divorce.

5 Season 2

Jersey couple in Married At First Sight 2

With an unparalleled level of dramatic dustups and explosive familial train wrecks, season 2 set in New York and New Jersey remains one of the most memorable of the series to date. The high point of the season came when the three couples underwent therapy with Dr. Joseph Cilona and let their true feelings fly.

While all three couples are currently divorced, two of them agreed to remain together during the show’s Final Decision. They include Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone and Jessica Castro and Ryan DeNino.

4 Season 5

Chicago couple in Married At First Sight 5

Set in the Windy City of Chicago, Married at First Sight season 5 ranks among the upper half of the series (to date). With a good mixture of drama, humor, genuine romance, and epic lover’s quarrels, couple Anthony and Ashley emerged as one of the best pairs in show history.

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In fact, Anthony and Ashley not only remained married, but they also have two children together since exiting the show. While the other couples, Cody and Danielle and Nate and Shiela, also said ‘Yes’ during their Final Decision, they have since split up.

3 Season 1

New York Couple from Married At First Sight 1

Given the sheer ingenuity of the premise and the raw excitement of seeing a new romantic reality series for the first time, season 1 of Married at First Sight remains among the top three.

Set in New York and New Jersey, the most compelling aspect of the season was the loving relationship between Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis-Hehner (a software salesman and nurse who remain married to this day). The couple has one son and one daughter. Unfortunately, couple Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion eventually divorced after five years of marriage.

2 Season 10

Washington couple from Married At First Sight 10

Despite the polarizing nature of the cast of characters, season 10 boasted an undeniable level of compelling marital strife. Taking place in the Virginia and Washington, D.C. area, the season improved drastically following the departure of the despised fitness instructor Zach Justice.

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Season 10 also marked the first time the number of couples was expanded from four to five in the competition. As a result, the show ended with the first two annulments (in the same season) when couples Tyler and Brandon and Meka and Michael decided to undo their wedding vows.

1 Season 11

New Orleans couple from Married At First Sight 11

With six years and 10 seasons to hone their craft, refine their format, and find the right level of matchmaking, season 11 ranks as the overall most entertaining collection of Married at First Sight episodes.

Set in seductive New Orleans, season 11 boasted the best collection of couples in the series to date. What’s more, it was refreshing to see five couples who did not suffer from delusions of grandeur. The three couples who agreed to stay married after the show remain so to this day, while those who got divorced knew as much on Final Decision day.

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