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Every Week 8 Epic & Legendary Quest in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Pizza Pit

The Epic and Legendary Quests for Week 8 of Fortnite Season 6 focus on setting fires and reigniting the feud between Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit.

With only about a month to go in the Primal Fortnite Season 6, players are likely going to start looking to maximize their Battle Pass XP to ensure they can unlock all the skins and cosmetics available. One of the easiest ways to earn XP and unlock goodies in Fortnite is to complete Epic Quests and the weekly Legendary Quest. Epic Quests are added weekly in Fortnite but can be completed any time during the season. Legendary Quests are on a one-week time limit and disappear after seven days. Legendary Quests take place in five stages, called Tiers, and completing each Tier earns the player more XP.

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During Week 8 of Fortnite Season 6, both the Epic and Legendary Quests involve tons of fire, including the rekindling of an old feud between two major restaurants on the Fortnite map. Many of these can be completed during a normal match, though players may want to choose their game mode and landing site more strategically to ensure success. Each Epic Quest will earn players 24,000 XP toward their Season 6 Battle Pass. Here’s every Epic and Legendary Quest available during Week 8 of Fortnite Season 6.

Every Epic and Legendary Quest in Week 8 of Fortnite Season 6

A player picks up one of the Research Books in Fortnite Season 6.

As they have been for most of the season, many of the Epic Quests available during Week 8 of Fortnite Season 6 are fairly straightforward and should not take players long to complete. Many can even be completed in the same match if players prefer to maximize their efficiency. The Week 8 Epic Quests are:

  • Collect research books from Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park (1)
  • Use launcher from Guardian Towers (3)
  • Open Chests at The Spire or Guardian Towers (2)
  • Damage an opponent within 10 seconds of landing (1)
  • Use a Firefly Jar at the Pizza Pit (1)
  • Drive from Durrr Burger to Pizza Pit without exiting a vehicle (1)

While most of these quests are straightforward, some may be a little confusing or difficult. For example, though the Collect research books quest only lists one item, players need to find and interact with all eight books to complete the challenge. Additionally, the only way to make it from Durrr Burger to Pizza Pit without stopping will be to modify a car, as using the roads will cause players to run out of gas. Knowing these tricks can help make completing this set of challenges less difficult.

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The Legendary Quest tasks players with destroying structures, specifically using fire. The amount of damage for each Tier, and the XP rewards, are:

  • Tier 1: Destroy 100 structures with fire (35,000 XP)
  • Tier 2: Destroy 200 structures with fire (24,500 XP)
  • Tier 3: Destroy 300 structures with fire (24,500 XP)
  • Tier 4: Destroy 400 structures with fire (24,500 XP)
  • Tier 5: Destroy 500 structures with fire (24,500 XP)

There are multiple ways players can go about setting structures on fire. Usually, Firefly Jars are a viable option, but players will also be able to craft and use the Primal Flame Bow, which is a far more convenient way to cause massive destruction without as many extra steps.

It is always a good idea to try and complete Fortnite‘s Epic and Legendary Quests in Team Rumble mode. This tends to be a less crowded game mode, allowing players opportunities to complete quest activities. Players also get infinite spawns in Team Rumble in case they face eliminations from other players trying to earn their weekly XP.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android devices.

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