Everyone Is Calling Out Marvel on Twitter Using the #MarvelIsOverParty Hashtag

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[Spoilers for some Marvel movies ahead] 

When you’ve been on Twitter lately, you could have observed that #MarvelIsOverParty is trending — and you might be questioning why. Did Marvel do one thing horrendous these days? Did they kill off one other badass feminine character and never even give her a correct funeral? Did they carry again Loki solely to choke him to demise once more? What. Is. Going. On. 

Why is there a Marvel Is Over Social gathering?

#MarvelIsOverParty is trending for quite a few causes. Primary, followers are peeved that there was radio silence from the Marvel crew, whereas DC has launched a brand new Marvel Girl 1984 trailer, together with teasers forThe Batman, The Justice League, and Black Adam (all of that are superb, and make us actually miss watching superhero films in theaters). Quantity two, followers are pissed so many good Marvel characters have been killed off. And quantity three, individuals are indignant with Marvel not representing the LGBTQ+ neighborhood of their movies or treating feminine characters all that nicely. 

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After Endgame premiered in 2019 (even thought it seems like 10 years in the past??) it was no secret that Marvel did Black Widow actually soiled. Not solely was Natasha handled poorly in almost each film (throughout her coaching, they made her unable to have kids and this made her really feel like she was a monster — and he or she by no means had any sort of true romantic partnership regardless that she was clearly lonely. Not that it is unhappy she was single, nevertheless it was depicted as nearly a weak spot versus a energy), however they killed her off and did not also have a funeral for her like they did for Tony.

Plus, they lagged on a Black Widow standalone movie, and we will not even get that now.

There are additionally simply loads of nice feminine characters that acquired little or no display screen time, and Marvel followers are over it.

Additionally, one Twitter person identified Marvel is over as a result of Morgan did not get her dad again. And that is true. They may have let Tony dwell, or like, not have written Morgan in. That is darkish and it hurts 3,000.

Loki’s demise was one other strike. That was simply merciless and pointless. Positive, Loki’s demise fueled Thor’s anger, however Thor additionally felt like he let down the world by not stopping Thanos from making half the inhabitants disappear. That would have been sufficient.

So, yeah. There isn’t any one particular motive why #MarvelIsOverParty is trending. It looks like followers are getting stressed, need extra updates, and want Marvel would get with this system and signify everybody of their films.

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