Everyone’s Searching for TikTok’s 44 Questions Google Doc, but What Exactly Is It?

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The Alt TikTok neighborhood (or Various TikTok) is kind of small, they usually do not actually take care of dancing movies or tendencies like “Wipe it Down” or “Fish Be Like.” This facet consists of principally darkish humor, inside jokes, and quirky randomness that is a bit extra tame in comparison with the content material you’d see from influencers like, say, the Sway Home boys. For instance, one development that surfaced on Alt TikTok was #FreeAdam2020, which started for essentially the most random purpose. 

Some have gone so far as to theorize that Alt TikTok is a separate model that was truly constructed into the app and meant particularly for this group, however all customers are literally nonetheless on the identical app. It is simply that there is a division attributable to variations in private pursuits and what they put up.

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