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Everything Announced in FFXIV’s Fan Fest

FFXIV Endwalker Keyart

Final Fantasy XIV’s Fan Fests are filled with new information on upcoming content. What did Yoshi-P and the team have in store for fans in 2021?

The 2021 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest keynote was filled with new information on Endwalker, the upcoming expansion for the hit MMORPG. Naoki Yoshida, the producer and director of FFXIV, took the stage to announce some of the upcoming expansion content. Fans had a lot to be excited about; the two hour presentation had reveals galore, and surprisingly, a release date for Endwalker as well.

The Fan Fest began with the reveal of the extended Endwalker trailer. Fan favorite characters like Estinien took to the fields of battle to fight off what seemed to be an upcoming apocalypse. This apocalyptic scenario will lead the player character to Hydaelyn’s moon to finish the fight. Nearly every moment in the trailer showcased something new that will be arriving come Fall 2021.

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Yoshida, affectionately referred to as Yoshi-P by fans, appeared on stage after Endwalker‘s cinematic trailer. Donning the class armor set and scythe of the new melee DPS, Yoshi-P went into detail on the new features coming with Endwalker. Here are the highlights of the keynote.

FFXIV’s New Melee DPS Class: Reaper

FFXIV Fanfest Reaper

The first reveal of the night was the new melee DPS class, the Reaper. The Reaper will run into combat with a brand new weapon, the scythe, and will share an armor set with the Dragoon. The unique draw of the Reaper will be its use of a voidsent in combat. This ghostly apparition will aid the dealer of death, and can even combine with the Reaper to transform into a very strong entity.

FFXIV Endwalker’s New City And Zones

FFXIV Fanfest Sharlayan

Warriors of Light will be going to the moon, but before they launch into space, they’ll visit the city of Old Sharlayan. Similar to Shadowbringer‘s Crystarium city, This new area will be the focal point of Endwalker, and will presumably be the point of launch for moon-bound characters. Once the Source heroes are properly prepped and ready to go, they’ll be off to explore the pockmarked surface of Mare Lamentorum, the new moon zone.

FFXIV New Alliance Raid: Myths of the Realm

FFXIV Fanfest Myths of the Realm

A new 24-person raid is on its way to FFXIV. Titled Myths of the Realm, this new series of encounters will tackle the unexplored lore of the twelve gods of the Source. These gods have only been prominently featured in character creation, and this new raid series will shine some light on the history of these gods.

Male Viera, Female Hrothgar In A Later FFXIV Patch

FFXIV Fanfest Male Viera

The previously gender-locked Viera will be receiving a male counterpart with the release of Endwalker. “Bunny boys” have been one of the most requested additions to the game, according to director. So, it’s great that they’re finally including them in the next expansion

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The team has also stated that female Hrothgar are currently being worked on. Hrothgar have also been previously locked to only males, so this is another great addition. Female Hrothgars will be released in a later post patch for FFXIV.

What FFXIV Endwalker’s Release Date Is

FFXIV Fanfest Release Date

One of the more important announcements of the night was saved for the very end. Endwalker, the end of the Zodiark and Hydaelyn story line, will be released on November 23rd, 2021. While there will be no physical release, there still is a Collector’s Edition that will come with goodies like an artbook and a statue of the Warrior of Light in their Paladin armor.

Endwalker releasing in 2021 was a surprise to many fans. In a year plagued with delays due to COVID-19, many in the community were expecting the expansion to slide into 2022. The Final Fantasy XIV director was apologetic on stage for the very late Fall release date, but with all the new reveals, fans still have plenty to be excited for come November.

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