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Everything In The Genshin Impact & Honkai Impact 3rd Crossover

What To Expect At the Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact Crossover

A crossover between Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd is coming soon. Here are the characters, skins, and everything else announced so far.

Fans have wanted a crossover event between Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd for a long time. The games, both made by miHoYo, have a lot in common and their worlds may even be connected in some way. Now, fans of both games finally have their chance since a crossover event is happening. Here’s everything to know about the characters, skins, bosses, and release date.

Version 4.9 of Honkai Impact 3rd will feature the Genshin Impact Crossover Event. The announcement comes during the latest Honkai Impact livestream, where the event is set to release on June 10, 2021, in China. A global audience will have to wait a bit longer, but the event was confirmed for an international release. Hopefully, this means global Honkai Impact 3rd players will be able to participate in the crossover by July at the latest.

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While a lot of fans may have preferred the event to take place in Genshin Impact, this crossover event with Honkai Impact 3rd is a great first step. It also makes more sense from a business standpoint, since Honkai has been around a lot longer and may need to keep players invested a bit more. Fans have speculated Genshin and Honkai are connected for some time, and now it looks as though they finally will be – at least during the event.

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Playable Characters & Skins Coming To The Genshin Impact Crossover

fischl free genshin impact

So far, a number of fun additions have been announced for the Genshin Impact Crossover Event. Kiana will get her own Klee-inspired costume, and Keqing will be a playable character during the event. As a more permanent reward, Genshin Impact’s Fischl can be unlocked as a new playable character for Honkai Impact 3rd. From what was shown in the livestream, her moves are very similar to the ones in Genshin Impact, and she’ll once again be joined by her Electro raven familiar, Oz.

In addition to the weapons that are also likely to appear, at least one Genshin Impact boss will show up for a battle during the crossover event. Andrius, or Lupus Boreas, is the wolf boss players must fight as a part of Genshin Impact‘s story quests. He’ll show up in the crossover as a boss as well, giving Honkai Impact 3rd players a chance to take him down.

So far, there’s no word on when a Honkai Impact 3rd crossover will happen in Genshin Impact. However, this is a nice first step that should excite fans of both of miHoYo’s RPGs. It offers fans a chance to see characters from both games interacting with one another – and it also allows them to earn some pretty cool rewards at the same time.

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