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Everything to Know About Australian Lead Brooke Blurton

Brooke Blurton The Bachelorette

Brooke Blurton is Australia’s newest Bachelorette. This is not only exciting but historical. Brooke is the first indigenous openly bisexual lead cast.

The Australian version of The Bachelorette is doing something unprecedented in the history of Bachelor Nation. The newest choice for The Bachelorette is Brooke Blurton, the first indigenous openly bisexual Bachelorette lead. This is an exciting time for the franchise, especially for Australia. Brooke is a Noonger-Yamataji woman, and this type of representation is something that all of Australia will be thrilled to see. This season will have men and women fighting for the beauties’ heart, so the drama will reach an all-time high.

Brooke Blurton appeared on the sixth season of The Bachelor in 2018, fighting for Nick Cummins heart, who is a former professional rugby player. Nick’s season was quite controversial, which is nothing new to recent Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, after he decided not to leave with anyone. Brooke was a part of the final three but ended up leaving before the finale. This is because, according to a podcast she did with Shameless, Nick told her he did not plan on picking anyone at the end of the process. This stunned her, though she was not surprised since she said he had been such an “actor.” Brooke added that There were instances where, basically, as soon as the cameras are on, he’s on. I’m not going to protect him like, he was so sweet, he was lovely.” Brooke went on to say, “There were moments where I was like, ‘You are such an actor.’ Like, he just puts it on hard.”

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Brooke explained that when they got back to Australia, Nick texted her telling her that he would have picked her if she stayed. She went on to say there was a lot of confusion following the end of filming. However, since her time on The Bachelor, Brooke has been focused on other things. She appeared in Bachelor in Paradise in 2019 but was unlucky in love. The beauty said in a to 10 Play statement, I am so ready for this. I’ve done it twice before and now, having the opportunity to choose my person and who I want in my life, is a truly unique and special experience.”

Brooke is a youth worker and her representing the LGBTQ community and indigenous people is a step in the right direction for Australia. In the past, Australia has received immense backlash when it comes to representation on their reality shows like Love Island. So, it will be exciting for people to see a piece of themselves on screen when Brooke’s story finally begins. Australia is a diverse and beautiful country, and, amazingly, this season of The Bachelorette will highlight that diversity.

The casting for the show is currently underway, and fans can be sure to see different contestants this season. Like when Rachael Lindsay was announced as the first Black lead for The Bachelorette hopefully this decision that they have made will make way for other countries to rethink their formats, contestants, and leads. This season will truly be like nothing ever done before, it’s Bachelor Nation history in the making.

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Source: Shameless, 10 Play

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