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Everything To Know About Gus’ Sister Hannah


Floribama Shore star Gus Smyrnios’ sister, Hannah, started drama on the MTV series. Here’s everything to know about Gus’ overprotective sibling.

Gus Smyrnios’ sister, Hannah, has made the largest impact of any cast member’s sibling on Floribama Shore, and we have all of the facts MTV fans need to know about the younger Smyrnios offspring. Although Hannah is not a reality star like her older brother, she has made an unforgettable impression on Floribama fans. From her heated fight with Candace Rice to her family life as a Smyrnios, here’s everything to know about Gus’ sister Hannah.

Hannah Smyrnios was born on May 13, 1997, and was raised in Perry, Florida, where she resides to this day. Hannah’s May 13 birthday means the reality star’s sister recently celebrated turning 24. Hannah is only a couple of years younger than her 26-year-old Floribama Shore star brother Gus. In addition to Gus, Hannah has two siblings: Seth, who turned 20 in February, and Leah, who just graduated from college. Hannah, Gus, Leah, and Seth are the children of Gus and Kristin Smyrnios. Although Gus is the oldest of the Smyrnios children, he was not always around for them. When Hannah was only 15, Gus left home to pursue modeling and was even homeless for a brief time. Other changes in Hannah’s family dynamic occurred when Gus Sr. and Kristin got divorced. Fortunately, both parents have found new partners and Hannah is welcoming to the new additions to her family.

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Although Hannah has demonstrated no extraordinary desire to join her brother’s career as a reality television star, the native Floridian has made a splash on Floribama Shore. Undoubtedly a trait of the Smyrnios gene, without even appearing on the show, Hannah instigated drama with Gus’ roommates. Fan-favorite Candace Rice was the recipient of Hannah’s overprotective rage when she feared for her brother’s safety. While on the phone with Candace, Hannah was heard telling Gus’ Floribama roommate, “If anything f****** happens to my brother, I’m going to personally beat your f****** ass.” Hannah’s heated response to a disagreement between Gus and Candace shocked fans. Many believed Hannah was out of line for threatening Candace on reality television. On the other hand, some fans respected the close bond shared between Hannah and her brother, even if it could have volatile consequences for Gus’ co-stars.

One valuable window into Hannah Smyrnios’ life is through her social media accounts. Hannah can be found on Instagram at @hannah_smyrnios97. On Instagram, Hannah has gathered 1,990 followers. Hannah has made over 280 posts, most of which exhibit her love for her family. While fans may be concerned for Gus and his family, Hannah’s Instagram account indicates the four siblings are thick as thieves. From photos with her baby niece to partying at the Floribama shore with her siblings, Hannah’s social media posts tell fans all they need to know about the fiery Smyrnios daughter. Additionally, Hannah’s Facebook reveals that she is in a relationship. However, her significant other remains anonymous across all of her social media accounts.

With a fraction of her brother’s screen time, Hannah Smyrnios has established herself to be just as controversial as Gus. Whether that be for the best or the worst, Hannah’s devotion to her family is undeniable. Hannah may never receive a formal invitation to join the cast of Floribama Shore, but she has inarguably left her mark on the MTV reality show.

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Source: Hannah Smyrnios/Instagram, Hannah Smyrnios/Facebook

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