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It’s been seven years since the release of the last Dragon Age game. Inquisition came out in 2014 and was a critical and commercial success, notably becoming the first Game of the Year winner at the Game Awards. Fans expected a follow-up to the story, especially because the Trespasser DLC set up Solas, A.K.A. the Dread Wolf, as the next big antagonist in the series.

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Currently, fans know that Dragon Age 4 is coming, as BioWare confirmed the game’s development at the 2018 Game Awards. However, most details remain vague, with the studio providing only a few hints of the game’s plot and setting. Still, the two teaser trailers did reveal some vital aspects of the game, leaving fans hungry for more details.

10 Release Date

Dragon Age 4 Teaser

BioWare remains secretive with the release date. The game’s troubled production and its rotating creative team surely aren’t making things any easier. Still, Dragon Age 4 is in active production as of May 2021.

During EA’s earnings call in October of 2019, CFO Blake Jorgensen mentioned that the game would probably come out “after fiscal 22,” meaning sometime after April. However, until more concrete developments are announced, it’s safe to assume the game will come out in late 2022 at the latest.

9 A Classic RPG

Dragon Age 4 Concept Art

The Dragon Age franchise is one of the most famous and critically acclaimed RPGs in the industry. Known for delivering complex and emotionally resonant adventures, BioWare quickly cemented its place as one of the leading studios producing quality RPGs.

The past three entries in the Dragon Age franchise were straightforward RPGs, and there’s no reason to expect a change for the upcoming fourth entry. This is especially true after BioWare experimented—and failed—with the 2019 release of Anthem.

8 Single-Player Only

Speaking of Anthem, an incendiary 2019 Kotaku report took fans behind the scenes of Dragon Age 4‘s convoluted development. The tale of the canceled “Joplin” version is now infamous among DA fans, who for a while feared that the fourth entry in their beloved franchise would go the Anthem route.

Alas, EA opted to leave Anthem behind and removed all multi-player content from DA4. Instead, the studio went back to its roots and refocused the upcoming adventure as a single-player game only to the delight of millions of fans.

7 Red Lyrium Will Return

Dragon Age Inquisition Red Lyrium

The first teaser trailer for the game, released during the 2018 Game Awards, featured Red Lyrium prominently. In the games, Red Lyrium is a more potent, raw, and addictive version of regular Lyrium. It corrupts everything in its path and thins the Veil, allowing spirits and demons to interact with the physical world.

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Red Lyrium played a pivotal role in Inquisition, but so much about it remains a mystery. The upcoming DA4 can fill in some of the gaps about this powerful but damaging substance and its relation to the larger DA world.

6 The Grey Wardens Are Back

Dragon Age 4 Grey Wardens in front of concept art

The Wardens are front and center in Dragon Age: Origins. They are Thedas’ defense against the darkspawn, a group of exceptional warriors who are instrumental in the world’s preservation. One of Inquisition‘s main quests, “Here Lies the Abyss,” deals with a plot to drive all Wardens in Orlais insane. It also gives players a look into an organization whose commitment is starting to become fanatical.

The Inquisitor can either banish the Wardens from Orlais or let them join the Inquisition to atone for their crimes. This decision will surely have grave repercussions in DA4. Recently, new concept art for the game revealed a Grey Warden in full armor, teasing their return to the franchise.

5 New Weapons

Concept art depicting a character firing a bow

BioWare’s Executive Producer Christian Dailey posted concept art for a masked and mysterious character back in January of this year. Besides being huge news for fans of the game, the image revealed more about the weapons that will appear in the upcoming adventure.

So far, each class is limited as to what kind of weapons they can use. Warriors get swords and axes, Rogues get bows and daggers, and Mages get staffs. But, this image seems to hint that DA4 might mix things up and fuse some weapons. Could this be a Mage archer? Or will some sort of spell allow Rogues to use this particular bow? Fans can’t wait to find out.

4 It’ll Take Place In Tevinter

Tevinter as seen in the teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4

The Tevinter Imperium is infamous in Thedas. It is constantly name-dropped in several games, though it remains unseen. However, things are about to change, as DA4 will take place in the ancient Imperium. Fans will finally get to see Thedas’ largest city, Minrathous, the Imperium’s capital.

So far, teaser trailers and concept art give only a vague idea of how the Imperium will look in the finished game, but it looks like it might have a cyberpunk or even steampunk vibe to it. This will come as a surprise to fans, considering the previous games’ traditional medieval setting.

3 Returning Characters

Dragon Age: Inquisition Companions at the table

Both teaser trailers seemingly confirmed the return of two major characters in the franchise. Solas, the Dread Wolf, will not only return but will most likely serve as the game’s antagonist. Charming dwarf Varric Tethras narrates the second teaser and will most likely return, as well.

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Considering the Tevinter setting, two fan-favorite characters, Dorian and Fenris, are also likely to return. Leliana, Cassandra, and Morrigan—especially if she drank from the Well of Sorrows— could also return, albeit probably not as companions. Characters like Cullen and Alistair will also surely make appearances, even if they’re just cameos. Finally, the heroes from past games, the Warden, Hawke, and the Inquisitor, will also have a role to play.

2 A Non-Powered Hero

Dragon Age 4 Tevinter Setting

“It’s time for a new hero. No magic hand, no ancient prophecy. The kind of person they’ll never see coming.” Those are Varric’s words in DA4‘s second teaser, released during the 2020 Game Awards. Lead writer Patrick Weekes confirmed the game tells a story about those who have no power. “What happens when the people in charge aren’t willing to address the issues?”

This will be a welcomed change of pace, especially coming off of Inquisition, where players had the full might of the organization to support their actions. Playing as a powerless and anonymous figure will allow for a new kind of exploration.

1 The Dread Wolf Rises?

Solas and a mural depicting the Dread Wolf's story

In the 2020 teaser, Varric mentions some of the enemies that players can expect in the upcoming game. “Demons, dragons, darkspawn. Even the Dread Wolf.” Solas’s role in DA4 will be prominent, as he’ll most likely be the game’s primary antagonist. Whether he’s a full-on villain remains a mystery, but his plan to tear down the Veil is certainly bad news.

At the end of the Trespasser DLC, he already had considerable power, and the epilogue reveals that numerous elves around Thedas started following his cause. Could DA4 feature a full-scale conflict between Thedas and the Dread Wolf’s army? One thing is certain, and it’s that fans can expect a lot of Solas when DA4 finally hits the shelves.

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