Everything You Need to Know About the New ‘Pokémon GO’ Battle Challenge

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Get your Pokémon prepared, as a result of there’s one other Pokémon GO problem to finish earlier than Go Fest 2020. 

Main as much as the Pokémon Go Fest 2020, there is a new battle problem for gamers to compete, and this time it is to defeat Staff Go Rocket. Just like the talent challenges set out by the sport beforehand, the battle weekly problem presents new alternatives to coach your Pokémon in battle in preparation for Go Fest 2020.

That is the second of three problem units main as much as the occasion.

What’s the Go Fest Weekly Problem: Battle?

The battle problem is a part of a sequence of timed challenges main as much as the Pokémon Go Fest. The problem earlier than this one was the talent problem, and each of those will prep you for the Go Fest.

The battle challenges are just like the analysis quests within the sport; for those who full the challenges, you may obtain rewards and prizes which are generally unique to these challenges. You solely have till July 15 to finish the battle problem quests.

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Throughout this time, dark-type and psychic-type Pokémon will spawn extra steadily, and you’ll problem Staff Rocket grunts by going to any of the group’s balloons floating round.

There are three totally different steps to the battle problem, and you must full the steps in an effort to transfer on to totally full the problem.  Listed here are the battle problem steps with the corresponding rewards.

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Step One:

  • Energy up a Pokémon: 100 Stardust
  • Evolve a Pokémon: One Uncommon Sweet
  • Defeat a Staff Go Rocket Grunt: Two Hyper Potions

The reward for finishing the 1st step contains 100 XP, 5 Revives, and 5 Hyper Potions.

Step Two:

  • Purify two shadow Pokémon: Two Max Revives
  • Energy up a Pokémon two instances: 200 Stardust
  • Defeat two Staff Go Rocket Grunts: Two Max Potions.

The reward for finishing step two contains three Max Potions, three Max Revives, and an encounter with Hitmonlee.

Step Three:

  • Purify three shadow Pokémon: Three Max Revives
  • Energy up Pokémon thrice: 500 Stardust
  • Defeat three Staff Go Rocket Grunts: Three Max Potions.

The reward for finishing step three contains one Uncommon Sweet, the Tremendous Rocket Radar, and an encounter with Absol.

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