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Fans Denounce Etcetera Etcetera’s Snatch Game Choice

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Fans felt Etcetera Etcetera’s Snatch Game performance went way past the boundaries of good taste. Why were they so offended by her Lindy Chamberlain?

Drag has always been about pushing boundaries, but RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under fans think one queen went too far on her season’s Snatch Game episode. It’s not uncommon for queens to portray controversial figures on the Snatch Game, but in a recent episode, Australian queen Etcetera Etcetera portrayed Lindy Chamberlain, also known as the “dingo ate my baby” woman. Fans who are familiar with the Chamberlain case were outraged over what they saw as callous disrespect. Edgy drag can be exciting and important, but based on fan reactions to Etcetera Etcetera’s Snatch Game, there are limits.

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The Snatch Game has become a RuPaul’s Drag Race tradition, where every season competing queens must demonstrate their best, and funniest, celebrity impersonations. On the Down Under spin-off, Snatch Game came early, and it would seem many queens were caught off guard. Anita Wigl’It was the one clear winner of the challenge, and almost all of the other queens were in the bottom and eligible for elimination. But there were a few queens that snuck by without getting notes. Etcetera Etcetera’s performance was deemed “safe” by Ru, but fans had a different opinion.

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Lindy Chamberlain went through a horrific ordeal—having her child eaten by wild animals and then serving time for allegedly murdering her. Because of that, RuPaul’s Drag Race fans—especially those from Australia—felt Etcetera Etcetera’s decision to play Lindy was extremely disrespectful. Even her fellow queen Karen from Finance commented I don’t know where the humor is in that,” during the episode. The show has tackled deep issues before, but most fans felt there was no place for Lindy Chamberlain in the Snatch Game. “I feel a bit sick,” one fan said about the performance.

Some fans would argue that nothing should be off-limits in drag, but it ultimately comes down to respect and good taste. Lindy Chamberlain is still alive and is taunted with “the dingo at my baby” jokes to this day. There’s not much sense trying to mine humor from an individual or situation that is inherently tragic. It would be like a queen playing Sharon Tate and making jokes about her murder at the hands of the Manson family, or even a parent of a Sandy Hook shooting victim…why go there? Fans felt “uncomfortable” watching Etcetera Etcetera’s performance and felt it was “over the line.” 

Edgy comedy certainly has a place on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but there’s not much sense in trying to make light of something so depressing. Lindy Chamberlain was not a good choice for the Snatch Game as most of the fans familiar with her felt uncomfortable watching the performance, and not in a good way. Though she wasn’t reprimanded by the judges, Etcetera Etcetera has definitely offended many fans. If she makes it to the International All Stars spin-off, the queen would be wise to pick a less divisive Snatch Game character.

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