Fans of ‘The Old Guard’ Are Really Concerned About the Fate of Andy in the Film

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She’s immortal, so she ought to be capable to heal immediately from the wound like all of her different immortal buddies, proper? Effectively here is the factor about “residing without end” in The Previous Guard universe… it isn’t really without end. Everybody’s immortality runs out in the end after which they simply go on residing like common previous human slobs till they die from, you already know, all of the stuff people usually die from.

It simply so occurs that her immortality runs out across the time of the flick’s ending, and we all know this after she sustains a gunshot wound to the abdomen and it would not heal immediately.

Which means Andy is a standard human being now. She’s nonetheless a member of the band of mercenaries, which carries critical implications for any future mission she takes on.

So, no, Andy would not die on the finish of The Previous Guard, but when there’s going to be a sequel, then meaning she’s in massive bother, because it seems Quynh has managed to flee from her iron casket within the ocean and has sought out Booker. When you’ve seen the movie, you then’ll know that Booker is kinda bored with being immortal (I get it) and backstabs the workforce by delivering them to Merrick.

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