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Fans Think Kanye Drama Was Edited Out Of Final Season

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans have noticed that Kim Kardashian doesn’t seem to want to talk about her divorce from Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian from Keeping Up With the Kardashians may have made sure that her marital woes were edited out of the final season. She hasn’t publicly addressed her situation with Kanye since she filed for divorce in February. While many fans expected her to open up on the final KUWTK season, Kim has avoided the subject during each episode. Now, viewers are commenting on how “strange” they find her silence, considering how public she was about her previous divorce.

Viewers watched Kim’s high-profile televised wedding to Kris Humphries (fans thought she had chemistry with Kris) in 2011. Just 72 days later, the reality star filed for divorce. Their marriage was one of the shortest unions in Hollywood history. Fans got to see the future SKIMS founder speak candidly about the mixed emotions that led her to split from the former NBA player. She would elope with Kanye West four years later. She has four children with the rap and fashion mogul. After nearly seven years of marriage (they expanded their brands together), the superstar couple decided to call it quits. Kim was remarkably open about her second divorce on the show, so viewers were confident the billionaire beauty mogul would share at least minor details about her split from Kanye during the last season.

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As the episodes have aired, the KKW Beauty founder has made no mention of the marital problems that she was dealing with behind the scenes. One fan called her out in a recent Reddit thread while commenting on the end of the 20-season show’s era. “I find it incredibly strange how Kim has completely edited all of the Kanye drama out of the final season,” the Redditor said. “She seems happy for her siblings to air their dirty laundry but there has been zero mention of the Twitter attack that Kanye launched last year – ‘Kris Jong-un’ – or their divorce proceedings.” Shortly after Kanye announced his presidential campaign last July, the Yeezy founder went on a Twitter tirade against Kim and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner.

With the lashing being so public and involving the family matriarch, viewers expected Kim to at least address the situation on the show. They are frustrated that she remains mum about Kanye and their problems. “I think that might have been a factor as to why they have decided to end KUWTK as I think that Kim doesn’t want to have to address/air her own personal sh*t,” the person added. They continued to explain the difference between the reality star’s second and third divorce. “Fair enough, she aired her first divorce etc but her whole image/brand was created by Kanye and their relationship definitely propelled all of the families celebrity, brands and wealth,” they added.

It’s also possible that Kim from Keeping Up With the Kardashians is respecting Kanye, who reportedly did not enjoy being a guest on the show. During their marriage, he made very rare appearances, and fans have often commented on how the energy between them appeared to be off. “Due to his erratic behaviour, they are probably very conscious that any mention of him might launch a new attack which will spill some of their secrets,” the fan added. Maybe Kim is so quiet because she wants to minimize the risk of the behind-the-scenes drama with her estranged ex. This may be a wise decision on her part.

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