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Far Cry 6 Isn’t Making a “Political Statement,” Ubisoft Claims

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 isn’t making a political statement, according to Ubisoft. This follows a rather infamous trend from the company over the recent years.

More information about Far Cry 6 was revealed today with new gameplay and a release date, giving plenty of insight into the game. Despite being about a revolution with freedom fighters that mirrors historical uprisings, Ubisoft was keen to point out that there’s definitely no political message associated with Far Cry 6.

Ubisoft is rather infamous for trying to distance itself from political overtones in its games, ranging from The Division 2 and a fight for Washington D.C. to Far Cry 5 which seemed to be examining far-right extremists in rural America. Despite these obvious parallels with reality, Ubisoft has continued to downplay any political messaging in its games and wants to ensure that it can market these major franchises to everyone, no matter who seems to be made out to be the villain.

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The latest entry in the Far Cry franchise centers on guerilla fighters starting a revolution. Despite Ubisoft admitting it even spoke with real guerrilla fighters, it’s not political in its eyes. Speaking with The Gamer, narrative director Navid Khavari noted that the studio fell in love with the general idea of a revolution and decided to base Far Cry 6 on fictional events, inspired by real history, but doesn’t want to make a statement about places like Cuba.

“… We also fell in love with the culture and people we met. When we came out of that, it wasn’t that we felt we had to do Cuba, we realised it’s a complicated island and our game doesn’t want to make a political statement about what’s happening in Cuba specifically. Beyond that, we’re drawing inspiration from guerilla movements around the world and throughout history. For us, it felt like doing the island of Yara would help us tell that story while being very open with our politics and inspiration.”

Juan and Dani Far Cry 6 Characters

Far Cry 6 is set to release this October, but the franchise can’t seem to help itself from being politically charged no matter when it releases. Although it doesn’t have to directly reference real-world events, distancing itself from actually trying to make a statement or say anything at all about history or the current state of the world seems disingenuous. It would be better if Ubisoft stopped trying so hard to pull from real life while also simultaneously not doing anything very interesting with it beyond making it a backdrop.

Far Cry 3 was just a game about some young tourists who find themselves on an island of dangerous foes, but it never tried to tip-toe any political lines. It may have been wiser for Ubisoft to continue this tactic if it wished to avoid any political issues. Whether or not Far Cry 6 will try and restrain its political overtones, despite its setting and plot, remains to be seen. So far, there’s plenty to suggest there will be plenty of parallels to dictators like Castro, whether or not Ubisoft wants to admit it.

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Source: The Gamer

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