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FDI Makes Complete Use of Warehousing and Logistics in India

FDI Makes Complete Use of Warehousing and Logistics in India

FDI has been a topic of concern for both the government and the people of the government sector for a long period of time now. Most of the undertakings changing call signs to private from government sector is also a major source of concern. The Indian government has been attracting foreign investment for a long time now to the country. It is time when the investments from abroad companies have started coming into the infrastructural and logistics sector of the country. The warehousing industry has also been establishing now on the money of investment flowing in from outside the country.

FDI Makes Complete Use of Warehousing and Logistics in India

The country has experienced sudden growth in the construction sector as well. Since the new budget has been introduced there are many parts that have changed the proportion of involvement of the foreign entities in the affairs of the economical growth of the country. With the rate at which the market of logistics is growing in the country, the future is quite bright. World Bank has placed the country in the 44th position on the Logistics Performance Index(LPI).

The ranking done by the world bank has really put the country in a prestigious position as compared to the last position of the country in the index. The growth has been rapid in the sector of warehousing and logistics as well. In the coming years, the expert has predicted that India would have an economy in Trillions in the infrastructure sector. This can be maintained only when there would be a consecutive increase in the warehousing industry as well.

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After the Covid situation would to come rest, the industries would start ordering in bulk from the foreign companies and definitely would require the equally competitive warehousing facilities where the products which would be coming from the outside the country can be stored. The growth in the individual business, as well as the economy of the country, could be tremendous if the respective sectors are handled with utmost sensitivity and attention.

The new bill introduced the procedure of 100 per cent FDI in storage and warehousing has literally opened the chance for the international players to make the best use for themselves and exploit the country itself from the favours given by them. The basic agenda of increasing the business and GDP is just to provide better stability to the country and produce opportunities for the newly prepared youth of the country whose talent can be made the best use of.

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