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Features That Mass Effect Legendary Edition Doesn’t Change (But Should)

Features That Mass Effect Legendary Edition Doesnt Change But Should 1 1

Although Mass Effect Legendary Edition makes many adjustments to the originals’ gameplay features, not everything that should have been updated was.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition combines all three games with over 40 DLC and an assortment of tweaks to features that aim to improve the trilogy’s original gameplay experience. But not every unfortunate quirk of the series was overhauled, and in some cases the remaster is worse off because of it.

Some of Mass Effect Legendary Edition‘s changes include bug fixes and level scaling adjustments, but there are a few more significant updates as well. The galactic readiness scale was edited to compensate for the removal of Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer mode, and the ME3 ending has been replaced with the Extended Cut version of events. The game also adds entirely new features, such as a universal character creation system and the addition of photo mode.

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The remaster isn’t without its own flaws, and some significant bugs have already been reported. Xbox players trying to use wireless headsets and similar accessories may find their copy of Legendary Edition frequently crashing. EA released a temporary fix while they work with Microsoft to properly address the error, and it’s likely that with time multiple issues will be smoothed over with updates.

Features That Mass Effect Should Change: Stealth Romances

Features That Mass Effect Legendary Edition Doesn't Change (But Should) (2)

While later games in the series would make these decisions more obvious, Mass Effect 1 suffers from what many fans call ninjamancing – the tendency for players in ME1 to get locked into romances without intending to. Mass Effect Legendary Edition does nothing to change this, and BioWare could have added a stronger indicator of which dialogue choices set a romantic subplot into motion. Mass Effect: Andromeda added a heart icon to romantic conversations in an effort to provide fans with clearer communication.

Features That Mass Effect Should Change: Mako Terrain

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The Mako received significant changes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Although players were still given the option to utilize the original Mass Effect 1 Mako controls, the vehicle was rebalanced with improved steering and weightier physics. But planet exploration in the Mako is still difficult – it can be a struggle to climb hills and tight crevices are easy to get wedged into. Planet terrain could have been smoothed out in an effort to make exploration less headache-inducing.

Features That Mass Effect Should Change: Sprint Fatigue

Features That Mass Effect Legendary Edition Doesn't Change (But Should)

In the eyes of many players, Shepard has a tendency to move slower than one would expect from a trained soldier. While players are given the option of sprinting, this feature is controlled by a fatigue meter that empties out after just a few seconds of running. The ability to quickly get around the map is limited because of this, and it can be especially frustrating in levels where players are required to retrace their steps in areas they’ve already explored. This mechanic could have been tweaked in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Fans have also begun pointing out that other large changes could have been made to the series, such as removing the gender lock behind certain romances. However, significant updates such as this would likely require a complete remake rather than just a remaster. With time, Mass Effect Legendary Edition may receive patches that adjust some of these features.

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