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FF7 Remake Intergrade’s Avalanche HQ Is Way Different Than Barret’s

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Avalanche Teams

Square Enix has revealed new information about Avalanche HQ in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, and they are different from Barret’s cell.

Square Enix has revealed more information about Avalanche HQ from Final Fantasy VII Remake, as the group will have a larger role in the upcoming Intergrade on PS5. Intergrade is an upgraded version of FF7 Remake on PS5 hardware, but it will also feature DLC content, starring Yuffie from the original FF7.

In FF7 Remake: Intergrade, Yuffie is working for the Wutai government. She infiltrates Midgar as part of a secret mission to steal a powerful piece of Materia from the Shinra Corporation. Yuffie is working with Avalanche HQ during this mission, as they are also trying to overthrow the Shinra Corporation, and any damage done to the company will make things easier down the road.

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There have been several different forms of Avalanche throughout the history of Final Fantasy 7, and Avalanche HQ in FF7 Remake is a brand new one. Avalanche HQ combines elements from different versions of the group, yet it’s still not as extreme as Barret’s cell players are most familiar with.

The Three Iterations Of Avalanche In FF7

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Avalanche BArret Nayo Elfe

The first version of Avalanche appeared in FF7. This was Barret’s group, and it was composed of only a few members, most of whom died protecting the Sector 7 Plate. This iteration of the group was known for its extreme activities, which involved bombing reactors and killing innocent civilians. A Japan-exclusive FF7 book (which is no longer considered canon) actually dealt with the repercussions of Avalanche’s actions, as Biggs, Jessie, and Wedge were stuck in limbo in the Lifestream, as they still felt guilt for the deaths they caused.

The Japan-exclusive prequel game Before Crisis introduced an earlier iteration of Avalanche, which was even more extreme than Barret’s group. This version of Avalanche was far better equipped than Barret’s cell, as it has soldiers and weapons that could rival the Shinra Corporation. Avalanche even attempted to assassinate President Shinra in Junon, which is referenced in FF7 Remake. This version of the group tried to use a summon named Zirconiade to wipe out all life on the planet, but they were stopped by the Turks.

Avalanche HQ incorporates elements of the Before Crisis group, but it isn’t as extreme in its goals. Avalanche HQ does have soldiers and military hardware, as they were able to assist Wedge at two points in FF7 Remake, but they aren’t about wiping out the Shinra in a vicious conflict. According to new information released by Square Enix, this version of Avalanche wants to free the common people from Shinra’s influence. The Avalanche HQ members are more focused on espionage and subterfuge than blowing up reactors, as they seek to bring down Shinra through other means. Whether the group will be able to maintain this attitude by the end of the FF7 Remake series remains to be seen.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and FF7R Episode INTERmission will be available for PS5 on June 10, 2021.

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