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FF7 The First Soldier Pre-Registration Now Live, June Beta Announced

Final Fantasy VII The First Solider President Shinra

Square Enix announces a closed beta test for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier in June, and players can sign up now to participate in it.

Mobile battle royale Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is now accepting pre-registrations for a fast-approaching beta test in June. Square Enix announced this mobile-based spinoff of Final Fantasy VII Remake in February as part of a new expanded universe of supplementary material covering the lore of the most beloved Final Fantasy  title.

Details regarding Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier’s plot and gameplay have been coming out at a steady pace since then. Set thirty years before FF7 Remake, the game is a multiplayer battle royale in the vein of Fortnite that puts players in the role of SOLDIER hopefuls looking to prove themselves to the fledgling organization’s leader, President Shinra. These warriors in training will have access to all of the Final Fantasy franchise’s signature magic and creature summons as they take each other on in fast-paced combat across famous FFVII locales like Midgar and Wutai. While ample FF7 The First Solider gameplay has been shown, a release date hasn’t officially been revealed yet. Now, it seems fans will get a chance to take this new mobile game for a spin sooner than expected.                    

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Publisher Square Enix announced Friday that the team in charge of Final Fantasy VII The First Solider is now accepting pre-registrations for an upcoming closed beta that will be held from June 1 to June 7. Interested players can sign up for this beta at the game’s Google Play Store page from now until May 28, but an Apple App Store pre-registration page is so far unavailable.

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Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier Logo Reveal Trailer Battle Royale

Final Fantasy VII The First Solider is just one of the many spin-off titles set in the ever-growing Final Fantasy 7 universe that have been announced recently. A Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade-exclusive DLC expansion entitled FF7R Episode INTERmission will be released later in May, putting players in the role of quirky ninja Yuffie as she embarks on a mission in Midgar before encountering Cloud Strife and company in the base Final Fantasy 7 Remake story. Another mobile title, Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, will instead feature a retelling of previous Final Fantasy VII storylines in a cute, retro art style. And of course, the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake itself is still currently in the works (presumably for the PlayStation 5), picking up where the previous game left off after Cloud and his party escape Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII The First Solider sounds like an interesting prospect for fans of the series, both in its battle royale gameplay premise and its look into the backstory of the early days of Shinra and the formation of SOLDIER. With closed beta testing now in sight, fans are one step closer to trying out this new game for themselves on June 1.

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