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FIFA 21 Memorializes Deceased Player Kiyan Prince

FIFA Kiyan Prince

Kiyan Prince, a once-promising football (soccer) player, is being remembered in FIFA 21 in a roster update this week following his death 15 years ago.

Kiyan Prince, a once-promising football (soccer) player, is being remembered in FIFA 21 via an upcoming roster update. The FIFA franchise has become a global phenomenon in the video game industry, having sold over 325 million copies over its 29 titles, making it one of the best-selling gaming franchises of all time. According to StatistaFIFA 21 sold over 1.5 million digital copies worldwide during its first month, surpassing the total of FIFA 20.

Despite its undoubted financial success, the video game franchise often finds itself at the heart of controversy. In March of this year, publisher EA Sports confirmed an investigation into the Ultimate Team feature, where a company employee was selling rare player cards online. Also in March, EA Sports promised to address their slowness in responding to reported racism in FIFA 21 after Arsenal legend Ian Wright was racially abused by a prominent FIFA 21 player. However, their latest endeavor shows a more sympathetic side of the franchise.

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According to Polygon, Kiyan Prince who was known as “The Bullet” is being added to FIFA 21 during a roster update. Prince was tragically murdered 15 years ago when he was only 15 years old while attempting to stop a bullying incident. Prince was a Striker for the Queens Park Rangers under-16 developmental team and was thought to a footballing prodigy. Since his death, QPR renamed their home playing ground the Kiyan Prince Foundation, after the foundation his father began in his name.

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Kiyan Prince’s likeness for FIFA 21 is a composite made from images of him when he was 15, and of his father when he was 30 years old,” Polygon details how his player composite was made for the game. The developers worked in conjunction with Prince’s former coaches and teammates to decide on his ratings for the game, to estimate the type of player he would be today if his career did not come to a tragic end.

With the gigantic resources of EA Sports and FIFA, it is a promising sign to see them remember an individual like Kiyan Prince in this way in FIFA 21, as he is not an international name. Hopefully, his inclusion in the popular title will bring attention to the foundation named in his honor and push an anti-bullying narrative. Kiyan Prince was unable to continue his career, but players around the world will be able to see the player he could have been starting this week. FIFA 21 players will be able to enjoy playing as Kiyan Prince on all platforms by the weekend.

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FIFA 21 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

Source: Polygon

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