‘Finding Bigfoot’ Hunter, Bobo, Is Still on the Search for the Mythical Creature

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It is simple to scoff at people who find themselves enthusiastic about paranormal or monstrous finds that defy regular logic. Heck, I’ve tons of people that take me apart all the time and say, “Hey, c’mon, so the stuff on Ghost Hunters, it is pretend, proper?”

I am certain that James “Bobo” Fay on Discovering Bigfoot offers with the identical questions from incredulous viewers too. And followers of the present need to know what occurred to the sasquatch hunter.

Whereas I am unable to converse for the veracity of all paranormal exhibits, I say that a simple solution to know whether or not or not one thing’s faked is to gauge the passion somebody has for locating the reality about no matter topic they’re pursuing. On GH, we work arduous to ensure all the pieces’s kosher and get very stoked about debunking claims too. Certain, they are not as cool as discovering a ghost, however the fact at all times wins.

Bobo, regardless of being a colourful character, is extraordinarily obsessed with his Bigfoot analysis.

So what occurred to Bob on ‘Discovering Bigfoot’?

The Manhattan Seaside, Calif. native has been fascinated with sasquatch his whole life. When he was a school scholar and wasn’t attending programs or doing homework, he was out within the woods searching for proof of the notorious furry creature. After he was performed along with his research, he began getting work as a logger and positioned himself to work with Native American crews to study extra in regards to the legends surrounding the legendary being.

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He strategically took jobs and gigs that might permit him to get nearer to cracking the Bigfoot riddle. Whether or not it was constructing roads alongside Northern California or changing into a business fisherman within the area, Bobo has devoted his life to acquiring proof of the beast.

He says his first sighting occurred in 2001 when he was on the hunt for Bigfoot with fellow fanatic John Freitas.

For now, he continues to work as a business fisherman and takes on different odd jobs in Northern California which permits him to speak to folks and listen to their eyewitness accounts of the creature within the hopes of getting definitive proof of Bigfoot’s existence as soon as and for all.

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