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Foody Call Spin-Off Not Popular With Fans

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90 Day: Foody Call premiered over Memorial Day weekend, but viewers don’t seem to care. Why do 78% of fans say they have “no interest” in the series?

The new franchise spin-off, 90 Day: Foody Call, premiered this weekend, and the response from fans has been, well, lackluster. When TLC announced the new cooking-based spin-off, fans weren’t exactly chomping at the bit for yet another new show. Now that the show has debuted, the reception hasn’t gotten any better. In a recent poll, fans voiced their opinion about the new series, and TLC should be concerned.

Foody Call has a simple concept—couples from the franchise invite viewers into their kitchens as they whip up traditional dishes from their home countries. The first six episodes have dropped and feature several franchise mainstays, including David and Annie, Tania and Syngin, and Robert and Anny (among others). But the new show is just one of many 90 Day Fiancé franchise series, and based on the fan response, they’re starting to get spin-off burnout.

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A new Reddit poll asked viewers to vote on what they thought of Foody Call, and the overwhelming majority said they had “no interest” in the spin-off. Of the current votes cast, 78% of fans don’t plan to watch the show, 15% have plans to watch it but haven’t yet, and just 0.05% said they watched it and liked it. Clearly the response has not been good, and though the poll doesn’t reflect the views of all fans, it’s fair to say the show isn’t exactly a hit.

It’s not hard to see why fans aren’t loving Foody Call—over the past year they’ve been bombarded with several 90 Day Fiancé spin-offs, and they’re getting sick of all the content. Many fans have grown tired with the couples that have been featured in the franchise recently, so a new show that recycles the same couples yet again was not TLC’s best decision. There’s a fine line between “fan-favorite” and “overused,” and for many fans, the franchise has jumped the shark.

It’s clear that for a lot of viewers, the concept of 90 Day: Foody Call isn’t enough to make up for casting couples that fans are bored with. Producing so many spin-offs reeks of desperation, and fans have picked up on it. TLC would be wise to pay attention to the way fans are responding to the new shows, because viewers are experiencing serious burnout, and that could be problematic overall for the franchise.

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