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Game Builder Garage Lets Fans Learn Programming From Nintendo


Nintendo of America has announced a new title called Game Builder Garage, which lets fans build their own video games with Nintendo’s help.

Game Builder Garage, an upcoming title from Nintendo, will let fans program and design their own video games. Nintendo is no stranger to channeling player creativity. Many fans of the publisher are familiar with Super Mario Maker 2, a title that provides players with everything they need to build their own 2D platformer levels starring the iconic digital plumber. Super Mario Maker 2 has been a considerable success for the company, just like its predecessor on the Wii U, and it was recently revealed that over 26 million levels have been uploaded to the game since it launched in 2019.

These official venues for player ingenuity are almost surprising, considering how strict Nintendo is with fans who attempt to replicate its products unofficially. The company is notoriously zealous with its DMCA takedowns, and in January that practice saw hundreds of fan games stricken from the internet. While a company has every right to protect its IP, many have accused Nintendo of taking things too far, especially when considering 2020’s notorious Smash Bros. controversy. Nintendo pulled the plug on several Smash tournaments who were using third-party software to ensure that their events could be held without breaking COVID-19 restrictions, and Nintendo’s refusal to compromise on even this minor infraction rubbed many fans the wrong way.

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Even as it dissuades fans from making unofficial Nintendo games, the company is all too happy to help them make official ones. Today on Twitter the Nintendo of America account posted a first look at a brand new game called Game Builder Garage. The title is a game design engine, not unlike PlayStation’s Dreams, that aims to teach fans the basics of game design through a cute, approachable art style and guided lessons. While the majority of the brief, two-minute clip was dedicated to the design of a 2D platformer, similar to the projects fans of Mario Maker 2 will be used to, a montage at the end demonstrated the versatility of the system with a broad array of different titles.

This is a surprising development from Nintendo, as the company has several major IPs that fans are still waiting for updates from. But if there’s one thing the company’s known for, it’s trying strange new things. One example of this is Nintendo Labo, a strange VR kit that combined immersive headset technology with DIY cardboard crafts for a truly unique take on the industry. As strange and entertaining as this concept was, it didn’t gain much traction, and recent website updates indicate that Nintendo may be on the brink of phasing it out.

Game Builder Garage has a good chance of avoiding such a fate, though. The title looks endearing and entertaining, and the premise of learning game design from a legendary company like Nintendo is sure to tempt many fans. If the broad array of impressive creations in Dreams is any indication, there are a lot of very inventive gamers out there who can make anything happen with the right tools. Hopefully Game Builder Garage will prove a valuable asset to those creators when it launches next month.

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Game Builder Garage releases for Nintendo Switch on June 11th.

Source: Nintendo of America

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