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GateKeeper roller coaster malfunctions at Cedar Point

What happened to Cedar Point’s GateKeeper roller coaster? Attraction closed after weekend incident, riders escorted off


SANDUSKY, Ohio — Editor’s note: Video at the top of this story was originally published in an unrelated Cedar Point story on June 9, 2021.

The Gatekeeper roller coaster is closed until further notice as Cedar Point evaluates a weekend incident in which the ride malfunctioned.

“On Saturday, a train on GateKeeper stopped on the lift hill after the lift chain became separated,” park spokesman Tony Clark tells 3News in an e-mail. “The ride’s safety system performed as designed, and all guests were escorted safely off the ride.”

Pictures shared on social media show riders walking down a staircase alongside the attraction’s lift hill:

Two years ago, the GateKeeper roller coaster experienced an unrelated issue that left one of the coaster trains stuck on the track mid-way through the ride. Park officials said at the time that the train did not complete its full circuit due to weather conditions.

“The ride’s safety systems engaged as designed and an additional train was stopped on the lift hill,” Clark told 3News after that incident. “Guests in both trains were escorted safely from the ride.” 

GateKeeper, which soars over Cedar Point’s main entrance, first opened at Cedar Point in 2013. Here’s what it’s like to ride GateKeeper from the front seat:


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