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Get To Know Libby’s Sister-In-Law Megan Potthast


Elizabeth Potthast has a sister-in-law and her name is Megan Potthast. She loves posting on Instagram. See her most memorable posts now.

Fans of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise know that the Potthast family brings drama, but they may not know much about Libby Potthast Castravet’s sister-in-law Megan Potthast, and we are here to change that. We’ve found some of Megan’s most noteworthy Instagram posts. She is very active on IG and loves showing off her family, as well as her bikini body. Megan is married to Charlie Potthast, who is Elizabeth’s brother. TLC viewers probably haven’t forgotten that Charlie acted up at Libby and Andrei’s iconic and expensive Moldovan wedding. He called out the couple for sponging off father Chuck, who’s been accused of being a slumlord. Chuck tried to grab the mic from his son, but he couldn’t stop the torrent of abuse. It went down in franchise history. Charlie’s epic and inappropriate speech was showcased on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 5.

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After the wedding, Charlie’s relationship with Andrei was “nonexistent,” according to Us Weekly. In Andrei’s typically gentle and tactful way (just kidding), he described his brother-in-law as a “drunk bum.” However, there is some hope that the two bombastic men will bury the hatchet. Today, The Overtimer reported that Libby wants the men to make up. If that’s true, she may be pushing Andrei to become friends with her brother Charlie and his wife, Megan. Whether Andrei and Charlie get friendly or continue to loathe one another, there is plenty to learn about Libby’s sister-in-law Megan from her Instagram posts.

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Megan seems to be loving the publicity that her link to the franchise provides. She uses 90 Day Fiancé and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? hashtags to boost the audience for her IG posts, including the family pic shown below. In this picture, blonde Megan poses in a low-cut blue dress with her nearest and dearest, including hubby Chuck, three sons, and a daughter. The whole family is decked out in blue outfits. They posed in a forest and Megan chose the caption, “My World.” Clearly, Megan is all about family, and she surely has Charlie’s back, even when he’s at war with brother-in-law Andrei. She’s not recording her raging hubby like Libby recorded Andrei.

In the “beach day” photo posted below, Charlie appears smug while Megan shows off her curves in a fire engine red bikini top. For the ‘Gram, she accessorized with black sunnies and a leopard-print headscarf. Looking tanned and content, Megan soaked up the sun’s rays, showing off her fitness and enviable lifestyle to 90 Day Fiancé franchise fans. Right now, Megan has 11k IG followers, and those numbers may rise if she keeps tagging her hubby @charliepotthast in her posts and using hashtags like #floridalife. So, what did followers have to say about this Instagram post? One commenter said, “beautiful family,” while another remarked on Megan’s “cute swimsuit.” After scrolling through 52 weeks of posts, we couldn’t find a single shot of Charlie and Megan with Libby and Andrei (who’s been mocked for constantly asking for money), but that wasn’t a surprise.

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Around Christmas 2020, Megan gave off true Real Housewives vibes, thanks to a faux-fur coat, a power tan, and immaculate eyebrows, as seen in the post below. While it was the season to be jolly, no snow was visible. In fact, the sun’s golden rays were streaming into her vehicle when the car selfie was taken. Christmas in Florida is all about sunshine, and Megan commented that she had a “fabulous” holiday with her family.

Megan’s IG is all about smiling faces, peaceful family moments, and sunbathing on boats. Charlie is there, but there’s no trash talk about the in-laws. Megan keeps it classy always. However, she may get a little racier on her OnlyFans. Andrei and Libby have OnlyFans accounts, too. Libby’s OnlyFans came first, and an apparently jealous Andrei soon got his own account. See Megan and Charlie on Mother’s Day below:

Will fans learn more about Megan in the future? Maybe so, especially if Andrei and Charlie decide to make up. For now, they can enjoy her Instagram posts. She clearly loves the platform, and 90 Day Fiancé fans are glad she does. This Florida wife and mother is as glam as any franchise star but seems to be low on the requisite drama.

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Sources: The Overtimer, Us Weekly, @megpotthast/Instagram

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