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Gia Giudice Says Her Mother Will Never Reconcile With Caroline


Gia Giudice said mother Teresa Giudice will never reconcile with her former costar and friend Caroline Manzo during an appearance on WWHL.

Star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Gia Giudice says that her mother, Teresa Giudice, will never make up with Caroline Manzo. Teresa and Caroline appeared together on the Garden State reality show for its first five seasons. The two fan favorites were very close until a falling out left them rivals. The two shockingly appeared together in a Super Bowl ad for Sabra hummus in 2020.

The eldest Giudice daughter has appeared on the housewives series since its first season. She recently found herself involved in the show’s drama after Jackie Goldschneider used her in a controversial analogy. She also appeared on a special Watch What Happens Live featuring an assortment of kids from the Real Housewives franchise both past and present. Caroline Manzo’s two sons, Albie and Christopher, appeared as well which prompted the answer to a pressing question.

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“Do you guys think your moms can reconcile?” asked Cohen during a segment with the kids of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Gia took no time to give her answer. “No,” said the Rutgers student almost instantly. The Manzo brothers took a vaguer approach. “I don’t know enough about where either one’s heads are at; I don’t think either one is thinking about it,” said Christopher.

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The children of The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s most iconic OGs made it clear to Andy that the beef between their mothers does not extend to the next generation. “I’ve never had any issues with Albie or Chris” confirmed Gia. “They are great kids, whatever our parents [have against each other], it’s with our parents,” said Gia. Chris Manzo compared the situation to his own extended family. “It’s a bunch of adults that don’t get along,” said the younger Manzo brother. “The kids have always been able to keep their cool.”

The Manzo brothers also revealed they hadn’t seen the eldest Giudice child since their mother left the show after season five. The pair was shocked to see how much the young woman has grown. “She’s like a little woman,” said Chris in shock. Albie Manzo also shared some memories from when the Giudice girls were younger during the early years of the show. “We have a ton of fun memories from when we all used to hang out at their house and Joe would cook,” remembered the older brother. “It was nothing but fun back then.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently airing its eleventh season. The ramifications of Goldschneider bringing up Gia are still rampant. The two continue to beef on social media and most likely will get into it at the show’s upcoming reunion. Hopefully, their children can repeat RHONJ history and stay out of the drama.

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