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Godzilla vs Kong Walks Back Ghidorah’s Alien Origin In KOTM

Godzilla vs kong Ghidorah alien hollow earth king of the monsters

The Godzilla vs. Kong novelization calls into question King of the Monsters’ reveal that Ghidorah is an alien Titan from another planet.

The Godzilla vs. Kong novelization calls into question the notion that Ghidorah is a being from another world. Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Mike Dougherty has acknowledged in the past that like most versions from Toho’s movies, the MonsterVerse’s Ghidorah is an extraterrestrial threat. Ghidorah’s alien origin actually played an important role in the story of King of the Monsters. Emma (Vera Farmiga) and Jonah (Charles Dance) planned to wake up the Titans gradually but didn’t foresee Ghidorah unleashing over a dozen of them on the planet.

Not only that, but he also began efforts to terraform the planet in his image. This was contrary to what they wanted, which was for the balance of nature and the world’s ecosystems to be restored. Apparently, what went wrong is they failed to account for the fact Ghidorah is not part of the natural order. Dr. Chen (Zhang Ziyi) uncovered an ancient story about a dragon that fell from the stars, and this led to the realization Ghidorah isn’t from Earth.

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It’s revealed in the Godzilla vs. Kong novelization that while this idea was seemingly accepted by Monarch at the time, at least one person there – Kyle Chandler’s Mark Russell – didn’t buy it. The book explains that while Mark agrees with the belief Ghidorah is different from the other Titans, he doesn’t think his genetic material necessarily proves he’s an alien. He feels that Monarch never really had sufficient evidence to make this claim, especially since they know very little about the Titans in the first place. It would seem the story told by Dr. Chen did little to convince him.

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An observation made in the book but skipped over in the movie raises the possibility Ghidorah may have been a Hollow Earth Titan. It was suggested in the novelization that Antarctica being where Ghidorah was found and it also being the location of a Hollow Earth entry point is not a coincidence. Ghidorah’s body was so close to it, that it looks like he was either heading inside or on his way out when Godzilla first attacked him all those centuries ago. What that means is that Ghidorah may have lived in the Hollow Earth world, but as noted by Dr. Lind, they don’t know enough to hypothesize about him.

It’s interesting that the Godzilla vs. Kong novelization casts doubt on Ghidorah’s alien nature, especially since it’s been treated as a fact by Dougherty. Ghidorah is traditionally depicted as an alien from an unknown planet, so it made sense for the MonsterVerse to depict him that way. Even so, people like Mark will continue to have reservations about where Ghidorah actually comes from. After all, their evidence really does hinge only on the monster’s unique DNA and an ancient myth, rather than something more concrete. Unless the MonsterVerse somehow revisits Ghidorah, it may not matter in the long run, allowing fans to accept what they want to believe about Monster Zero and his place of origin.

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