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Good News for “The Last Of Us” Video Game Fans: HBO Is Bringing The New TV Show Based On The Game


Whether we talk about Takken, Doom, or Lara Croft Tomb Raider, these all game-based movies series worked well at the box office and set another benchmark of how the gaming world turning to movies. But now how about game turning into the TV series? Sound great, right?

Recently, HBO also announced that they are working to develop a “Last of Us” TV series based on the popular game collaborating with Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions. So once again, “The Last of Us,” one of the most critically acclaimed video games of all time, is now turning into the TV series. 

If you haven’t played the game yet them, I guess you may not have the idea about the story. So if you want to know a little bit of story about the game, then let me tell you that the game is about survival during the epidemic of a deadly disease that turns people into deadly monsters or you can say zombies, just like “infected” wretches in horror classic “28 Days Later.” But the game also tells the story of the Character Joes, who is a divorced single father tuned smuggler because of terrible past. Joes tasked with smuggling a 14-year-old girl named Ellie around the post-apocalyptic United States. And they smuggle to survive in this deadly outbreak of horrible disease. 

When the first part of “The Last of Us” release for PlayStation 3 in 2013, it stormed the entire gaming industry and became one of the year’s best selling games. Everyone applauds the cinematic gameplay, and dramatic as well as critics gave the great rating to the game because of its harsh and dramatic theme. Considering the success of the game, makers also released the remastered version of the game with better graphics and gameplay for the PlayStation 4.

The BAFTA award-winning writer, Neil Druckmann with “Chernobyl” writer and executive producer Craig Mazin, Sony and HBO is developing the TV series to present the story on the screen.

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Here’s what Druckmann said “From the first time I sat down to talk with Craig, I was equally blown away by his approach to narrative and his love and deep understanding of ‘The Last of Us,” also added “With ‘Chernobyl,’ Craig and HBO created a tense, harrowing, emotional masterpiece. I couldn’t think of better partners to bring the story of ‘The Last of Us’ to life as a television show.”

All fans of “The Last of Us” celebrated the news about the TV series on social media and set the trend on Twitter. People can’t wait to see the TV series now. As we know that HBO Max is about to launch in May, maybe we will see this series on HBO’s streaming platform this year later.

Well, there is no detail about the release date of The Last of Us TV series, and HBO denied giving any information about the show yet. But Sony is very excited as this is the first time that any PlayStation video game is turning into the TV series. There is also a sequel of the game is under development, which is set to release on May 29 where we may get the final announcement of the release of The Last of US TV series.

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