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Google Pay Is Giving Rs 2020 As The New Year and Christmas Gift To The Indian Users

Google Pay new Year gift India

As Christmas and The New Eve is here, the world’s safest payment method Google Pay is offering a great gift for its India users as the huge Rs 2020 surprise gift.

Yes, if you are living in India and using Google Pay, then you should know that Google has announced 2020 stamps that will let you earn up to Rs 2020 by gathering new 2020 stamps on Google Pay. The company had offered the similar gift in Diwali when you had to collect some Diwali stickers up to five and get Rs 251. So, if you could make your way to get Rs 251 in Diwali, then here’s another opportunity to grab Rs 2020 on the first day of 2020.

How To Get Rs 2020 Gift in Google Pay on The New Year

 Just like Diwali gift, this offer will run for a limited time, which will start from December 23, 2019, and will continue till December 31. During this period, every Google Pay user in India will be able to earn up to Rs 2020. All you have to do is collect seven stamps, including Balloon, DJ, Sunglasses, Disco, Toffee, Selfie, and Pizza.

But you should make sure that you have collected stands from different methods. And the company has revealed that one can collect stamps via different methods and can get a maximum of 5 stamps each day. It isn’t a tough job to collect 7 stamps. You just have to use four different methods to collect stamps. Let’s check out the ways:

  • Firstly, the user has to pay Rs 98 or more to a business or Google Pay user to get one stamp.
  • Secondly, users have to spend at least Rs 300 on a bill or Rs 98 on mobile recharge.
  • Thirdly, you can invite his/her friends to download Google Pay, and when they make their first payment with your referral code, you will get one stamp.
  • Fourth, you can gift or request one stamp to one friend per day. Going ahead, you can also scan 2020 anywhere near you.
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Furthermore, once you have done collecting seven stamps, then Google Pay will greet you gift up to Rs 2020. Also, you will also get 1 bonus reward per layer on any cake layer he/his complete. With every stamp, you will also be greeted with a regular scratch card, which you can scratch and get up to Rs 202 to Rs 2020 reward. One more great deal you will get if you lucky, which is Rs 20 lakh lucky draw tickets.

If you are ready to go with this Google Pay’s New Year gift, then let me also tell you that the offer is not valid for Tamil Nadu as the TN government banned all lottery or luck-based system within the state. If you have already earned up more than Rs 9,000 during the fiscal year, then sorry, but you won’t be able to get this offer. You should also make sure that your UPI is linked with Google Pay. If not, then you will have to do it within 45 days to redeem the reward.

Are you ready to get Rs 2020 on this Christmas? Well, you have limited time. Hurry up to grab the best New Year gift from Google.

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