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Grace Kinstler’s Job, Age, Instagram, Singing Style & More

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Grace Kinstler is an iconic American Idol powerhouse. When she isn’t bringing down the house onstage, she leads a very interesting life.

Grace Kinstler from American Idol season 19 was amazing on Disney Night and we’re here to share some interesting information about her life. She is a 20-year-old from Lakewood, Illinois, and she’s currently attending the Berklee College of Music. Kinstler auditioned for American Idol in Los Angeles, California. Her dynamic singing voice moved judge Luke Bryan (who is thankful he’s recovered from COVID-19) to tears. “[T]his is the first time in four years that just someone singing made me cry,” he said. Her impressive singing range has kept her in the competition. While she has become a famous figure on the show, she is still a typical college student who enjoys making TikToks and using social media. 

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Grace’s Instagram is @gracekinstlerofficial and she currently has 118k followers. With over 100 photos and videos, her page features an abundance of singing videos, American Idol promotions, and selfies. As her face became more familiar on the show, her Instagram interactions increased. She used to get a few hundred likes on a selfie. Recently, she got tens of thousands of likes on a post of her on the American Idol stage. According to her Instagram, Grace is in a relationship with another musical prodigy. He is a beatboxer named Joseph Wheatley who also attends school in Boston. His Instagram is filled with love and support for Grace, and his posts remind followers to vote for his girlfriend of a year-and-a-half.

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Grace’s IG account shows photos of her dad, who sadly died unexpectedly in February 2020. She said he was the biggest supporter of her music career. While watching the show as a child, she imagined auditioning with him by her side. She wore his lion necklace to her audition. Her late father was a Leo, and Grace is also a Leo. The necklace made her feel like he was there with her. “I feel like he’s always chirping over my shoulder like, ‘Go get ‘em!’” she told uber-rich host Ryan Seacrest. She said his absence has taught her to live every moment as if it’s her last. See Grace preparing for Disney Night below:

Grace has participated in showcases and school recitals. On her Instagram, she has photos and images of her previous performances. She sang in a school concert at Berklee. She also appeared in the Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul Tribute Showcase, where she performed, “Oh Me, Oh My.” She sang the National Anthem before a White Sox game, and twice at Chicago Bulls games. See her in action below:

In the Genre Challenge, Grace was put into the “Soul” category with some other contestants, including Celeste Butler and DJ Johnson. There, she performed “10 Seconds” by Jazmine Sullivan. She has also performed “Elastic Heart” by Sia, “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande. and “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Her voice has been described by fans as “powerful,” “beautiful,” and of course, “GRACEful.”

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Currently, Grace is in the running to become 2021’s American Idol. Her delivery of the Disney song “Into the Unknown” by Idina Menzel made her safe for another week. With seven contestants left in the competition, Grace is certainly a fan favorite. In light of her popularity (she gets a massive amount of votes), she might make it to the top.

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Source: Grace Kinstler/Instagram

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