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Green Corridor Ready To Break The Crisis of Oxygen

Green Corridor Ready To Break The Crisis of Oxygen

The speed with which the number of cases have been constantly increasing in the country is a matter of great concern for both, the government and the public. In the recent study that has been released by the government , the total number cases pertaining to Covid has crossed the mark of 1.5 crore mark. Situations have been worsening in the country day by day and the shortage of oxygen is the problem which is being faced almost in every part of the country.Green Corridor Ready To Break The Crisis of Oxygen

The states have been on high alert after the surge in the infected cases have started to rise exponentially. Amid the increase in the cases, multiple states have started to impose the lockdown and night curfews in the respective areas. To break the chain and handle the sudden increase, it is the strongest possible way which can be sought by the government as of now. The daily wagers, labourers and workers have even started to move back to their hometowns once again after the announcement of lockdown went on air.

Amid the strong crisis, the Indian Railways have started an initiative to transport the liquid oxygen from the different stated where it is being produced and is available in bulk. The express train has left with the empty tanker from the Kalamboli yard of Navi Mumbai for Vizag. From Vizag the containers will be loaded with the medical oxygen and from there onwards it would be provided to areas where there is extreme scarcity of the medical oxygen.

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The services of the medical express for the supply of liquid oxygen to the scarce areas was announced by Piyush Goyal , the railway minister of India. The central railway took the responsibility of building the track overnight at Kalamboli for the loading and takedown of the medical oxygen tankers which would be carried on the trains so as to facilitate the services in the areas of scarcity of medical oxygen in the country.

The states which reached the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal with the reorquest of transporting the liquid oxygen were Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. On the request of the state, the railway minister ordered the research to transport the liquid oxygen on the roll on tankers which would be loaded on the trains having the flat wagons. The whole route in which this oxygen express would be travelling is known as the green corridor and the government seeks to take help of this corridor a lot in the coming time as stated by the official.


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