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Green Lantern Wants To Turn Earth Into The New Oa

Green Lantern Oa Earth Featured

In DC Comics’ new Justice League: Last Ride, Hal Jordan wants to make Earth the new base of operations for that remains of the Green Lantern Corps.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League: Last Ride #1

In DC Comics’ new Justice League series, tensions are high and rifts have been formed among Earth’s heroes, though Green Lantern Hal Jordan proposes to make the planet the new headquarters for the Corps. In this alternate universe separate from the primary DC Universe, the Justice League didn’t do so well in their recent crisis, leading to casualties and the team becoming fractured. However, Hal Jordan and his fellow Green Lanterns approach the League, asking them to come together once more in Justice League: Last Ride.

Justice League: Last Ride comes from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Miguel Mendonça, and the first issue sees the League being summoned to the Watchtower which has been abandoned for quite some time since whatever happened that caused the League to disband. Details are scarce as to what this recent crisis was, but it’s clear that it caused Batman and Superman to have a major falling out, with the key factor being that they blame each other for the losses that occurred, including the death of Martian Manhunter. While Batman is angry that Superman displayed an inability to act, Superman is mad that the Batman’s were wrong and seemingly had devastating consequences.

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However, both Batman and Superman answer Green Lantern John Stewart’s emergency summons, as both are still willing to do their jobs as heroes when needed. In this particular instance, the Green Lantern Corps need the League’s help protecting Lobo until his trial date with the United Planets, as the Main Man killed all of the New Gods in this version of the DC Universe. Apparently, the Corps no longer have the resources and firepower since they went through losses of their own, and new Corps leader Hal Joran is hoping that this new mission will convince the United Planets to agree to his plan for Earth going forward.


In Jordan’s mind, Earth is already seen by the rest of the universe as the “Home of Justice”, so it makes sense to have the Green Lantern Corps’ new home be on its moon. The Corps could then directly work with Earth’s heroes on the surface and could even deputize them, thereby negating the need for the Justice League in the future. While Batman doesn’t seem all that interested, Superman has become worn down enough by recent events that he’s willing to consider it, believing that he can no longer be everywhere at once.

It’s certainly an ambitious proposal, and it’s also one that could change the face of how Earth’s heroes operate (at least in this universe). However, it may be the only course of action that makes sense, considering that the League is no more. This way, the Earth could still be protected, and the Green Lanterns would have a new home from which to operate, provided that the League can come together for one last mission to keep Lobo safe from his many, many, enemies. All in all, it’s a very dynamic premise for this new series, and it’s going to be very interesting to see if Hal Jordan’s plan actually comes to fruition in future issues of the new Justice League series.

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