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GTA 5 Beaten Without Taking Any Damage For the First Time

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A Grand Theft Auto 5 player beat the entire game without taking any damage in just 9 hours after 48 attempts, which is a pretty impressive feat.

Almost eight years after release, someone managed to beat Grand Theft Auto V without taking any damage or dying. It’s a pretty amazing feat given how long the campaign Grand Theft Auto 5 actually is and how many opportunities there are to get shot, hit by a car, crash a vehicle, or even just fall off a building. San Andreas is a deadly place, but somehow, one player came out without a scratch.

Given that at least 145 million people have played GTA 5it’s actually a bit surprising it took so long for someone to finally pull this feat off. The game has been used by speedrunners for years to break numerous other records, such as beating the game in mere hours and doing all sorts of other wild challenges. It’s one of those games that gives endless amounts of fun through impromptu challenges, mods, and much more.

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YouTuber UnNameD finally beat Grand Theft Auto 5 in just 9 hours without taking any damage after 48 attempts. The YouTuber breezed through the game’s 69 main missions, narrowly avoiding death by their intimate knowledge of the game and useful strategies. This comes just as GTA 5 is about to get another re-release this November, marking the fourth version of the game to be released since launching in September 2013.

UnNameD avoided using armor and Trevor’s special ability which makes him practically invincible for a period of time. It’s particularly impressive when one considers missions like The Paleto Bay Heist where the crew wears juggernaut suits to absorb countless bullets. It’s clear there was likely a lot of trial and error in the other 47 attempts, though UnNameD makes it look incredibly easy. Due to knowledge of AI and mission design as well as aim assist, the player was able to take care of business rather efficiently. Whether or not someone will ever be able to pull this off in the far more realistic and longer Red Dead Redemption 2 remains to be seen.

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Rumor has it Rockstar is preparing remakes of the GTA PS2 trilogy for a release later this year, timed with the 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto 3 in October. Whether or not these alleged modernized versions of the game would see players welcoming a similar challenge is yet to be determined. It’s always great to see players squeezing every last drop of enjoyment out of a massive game like Grand Theft Auto 5 and it’s likely fans will continue to do so over the course of this generation with the new re-release later this year.

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Source: UnNameD/Youtube

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