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Hantavirus China: Does China Have a ‘New’ Outbreak of Hantavirus?

Hantavirus in China

 While the entire world is lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, another horror disease took the life of one man in China. Yet the country has not recovered with the loss of COVID-19, another virus reportedly infected a man in Chin and died. This new virus is called Hantavirus.

 This new Hantavirus is spread by rodents that can cause disease in humans. The man who died from Hantavirus is from Yunnan Province in southwest China was traveling east by bus to Shadong Province, and the 32 other people on board are also being tested for hantavirus, the reports say.

The news about the Hantavirus started the fire when people around the world began sharing news about the Hantavirus. As COVID-19 has infected around 4,00,000 people across the globe and killed more than 16,000, people around the globe started panicking about the new Hantavirus. When everyone started talking about the Hantavirus, it suddenly set the trend on Twitter with Twitter TWTR, +4.69%, and Google AAPL, +10.03% searches for Hantavirus.

According to Dr. Tania Elliott from NYU Langone Health in Manhattan, the hantavirus has actually been around for a long time and reported around 16000 to 100000 cases a year. 

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Well, the Hantavirus is not like Coronavirus, which spread from person to person by droplets when the infected person coughs or sneezes. This virus is primarily spread by contact with mice and their urine, feces, or saliva. Also, CDC told that “no cases of HPS (hantavirus pulmonary syndrome) have been reported in the United States in which the virus was transmitted from one person to another.” So, you need to avoid contact with rodents.

You might be wondering what the symptoms of hantavirus are, then you should know that it including fatigue, fever, and muscle ache in early stages, and coughing, and shortness of breath later on. And also headaches, back, and abdominal pain, fever, chills, nausea, and blurred vision. Both diseases are considered rare but can be fatal.

Just like Coronavirus, there is still no specific cure or vaccine available for hantavirus, but the intensive care is the better option to get rid of the virus as per the CDC report. So “if you have been around rodents and have symptoms of fever, deep muscle aches and severe shortness of breath, see your doctor immediately,” the health specialist suggested.

Talking about prevention, you can protect yourself from hantavirus by keeping a distance from the infected person with rodents at home, at work, or in any public place. 

The best thing is you should keep sanitation yourself and everyone around you.

More information you can get from the official CDC page about hantavirus.

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