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Has China Developed a Cure to treat Coronavirus COVID-19?

Coronavirus COVID-19

The whole world is deeply affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and most countries like the US, India, Italy, and others have announced lockdown in their respective areas but by now one thing is absolutely clear that lockdown alone cannot defeat the coronavirus. Yes, they may prove effective in slowing the virus down from spreading but they cannot stop the disease from making a comeback. Some nations are already starting or staring at a second wave.

Does China have a Cure for Coronavirus?

What the world needs right now is an infallible remedy, a reliable cure to treat COVID-19. Several media people are claiming that China has developed a cure for the virus and some even claim that COVID-19 is China’s bioweapon. We cannot say that as there aren’t concrete things to prove that right now. Well, China claims to have developed one. Scientists from China say that they found a novel way to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s not a drug or a compound this new weapon. The cure for novel coronavirus is the nanomaterial.

How China is treating COVID-19 Patients?

According to the Chinese state media, nanomaterials have proved useful in absorbing and deactivating the coronavirus efficiency which ranges from 96.5 to 99.9%. Is this the ultimate cure or medicine for COVID-19 that the world has been waiting for? We cannot say for sure. Any news from China is notoriously difficult to verify but given the stresswe’re in, for once let’s take the risk of believing what Beijing is telling us. Because when it comes to scientific development research there is no doubt that China’s among the frontrunners.

The country has a lab with 1500 strains of viruses. It is another thing that we do not know what they use this expertise for. But globally there is some evidence of nanomaterials proving useful in curing deadly diseases like cancer.

What are nanomaterials?

According to the US National Institute of Health, nanomaterials are created out of nano-sized particles that exist in nature. They are extracted from carbon or minerals like silver. They are measured in a nanometer and they cannot be seen with the naked eye. This technological army is a hundred thousand times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

What can these nanomaterials do?

Scientifically engineered nanomaterials are used to design pharmaceuticals. They help enhance the effectiveness of therapy. Such nanomaterials can target specific dysfunctional organs or decaying body cells. China claims that nanomaterials are being used to curb the coronavirus and they interrupt virus’ structure through infrared light emissions. The virus is absorbed or is deactivated by nanomaterials with the effectiveness of almost 100 percent according to them.

Well, this should be great news but like all things are not guaranteed yet. China has not conducted human trials yet and hasn’t even set a date for such trials. Also, the US National Institute of Health has attached certain conditions. They say “even well-known nanomaterials may pose a hazard when engineered to nano size. We know very little about the potential effects on human health and the environment.”

We are not sure and we have several questions right now. When will the human trials begin for this COVID-19 cure? We don’t know will nanomaterials prove useful in defeating the virus in humans? More importantly, will China share this cure with the world or will it sell the coronavirus cure? The world has suffered enough with substandard and defective Chinese test kits. China is also blamed to hide the real figures of infected and dead persons due to the virus. Let’s see how the world will be able to fight this deadly coronavirus pandemic.

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