Heirs to the Land Release Date on Netflix 2022? Latest Updates!

Heirs to the Land Release Date on Netflix 2022? Latest Updates!
First episode date: April 15, 2022
Language: Spanish
Genre: Historical drama
Network: Netflix

When Will We Get The Heirs to the Land Release Date?

Heirs to the Land is supposed to be released on April 15, 2022, according to wikipedia.

Heirs to the Land, a dramatized biography of Hugo Llor (played by David Solans and Yon González), is set in Barcelona in the fourteenth century.

Hugo, a young man of low circumstances, has experienced sadness before. Arnau and Mar Estanyol take care of the impoverished family after his father passes away.

It is set in 14th-century Barcelona and follows the exploits of Hugo Lloris, who aspires to be a shipbuilder and follows his escapades. A 12-year-old homeless youngster, Hugo Llor spends most of his time on the streets of Mexico City, where he has no home.

It is not easy for Hugo to live his life. He is a lonely youngster whose mother is forced to abandon him. His days are also spent in the shipyards, and he has ambitions to work as a shipbuilder in the future. However, he is unsure of what will happen to him.

However, he is cared for and safeguarded by Arnau Estanyol, an elderly gentleman who is well-liked and respected by the community.

Heirs to the Land Synopsis!


Hugo Lloris is a 12-year-old child who lives on the streets and spends most of his time at the city’s homeless shelter. Although his future is uncertain, he spends part of his day in the shipyards and hopes to work as a shipbuilding artisan.

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It is not easy for Hugo to live his life; he is a small lonely child whose mother has been forced to transfer away from him; yet, he has the support and protection of an old gentleman named Arnau Estanyol, who looks after and protects him at all times.

Heirs to the Land: Production Information


The novel Los Herederos de la Tierra by Ildefonso Falcones, which Grijalbo published in 2016, was the inspiration for the film Heirs to the Land, which was released in 2017. Heirs to the Land is the follow-up to Cathedral of the Sea, directed by Jordi Frades, who was also in charge of the first season of the television series.

It is expected that the series, which will be produced by Diagonal TV, will begin filming in Barcelona in November 2020 and will run for six seasons after that date. Several locales in Catalonia, including the Tamarit Beach in Tarragona and the Castle of Hostalric in Girona, were used as filming locations for the series, which aired in 2011.

Are you intending to watch ‘Heirs to the Land’ when it is released in April 2022? If yes, when do you plan on watching it? A 12-month term of streaming will be provided by Netflix, following which it will be shown on Atresmedia and Televisió de Catalunya for three months. Please share your thoughts in the comment section provided below.

Heirs to the Land Cast And Their Roles


  • John Kassir in the role of Crypt Keeper
  • William Sadler plays Brayker.
  • Roy Brocksmith in the role of bartender
  • Miguel Ferrer plays Gary.
  • Cam Clarke plays Bailiff Wolf.
  • Larry Drake in the role of Santa Claus
  • Bobcat Goldthwait plays Big Bad Wolf.
  • Lance Henriksen plays Reno Crevice.
  • Sherrie Rose plays Molly.
  • Michael Ironside plays Burrows.
  • Marshall R. Teague plays Frank.
  • Peter Van Norden plays booth.
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Heirs to the Land Age Ratings And Parents Guide

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