Here’s What Juan Pablo Galavis Actually Said to Clare Crawley on ‘The Bachelor’

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For many who did not get to look at Juan Pablo’s season recap, let’s lay it out. Clare was one in every of Juan’s remaining two girls, although he in the end determined to not choose her as his remaining rose recipient. Their final interplay, which may nonetheless be watched on YouTube, concerned Clare telling him off in a means most individuals solely dream of doing to their exes.

“I believed I knew what sort of man you might be,” she mentioned to him after denying his parting hug. “You had each alternative, like these different women did, to inform me precisely the way you felt.”

Clearly, Clare was damage that Juan Pablo did not have the identical feeling for her that she did for him, nevertheless it wasn’t simply that proven fact that made her upset.

“I misplaced respect for you, as a result of I will inform you what — I believed I knew what sort of man you had been,” she pointedly advised him. “What you simply made me undergo? I might by no means need my kids having a father such as you.”

Whereas many followers had been floored by Clare’s speech, Juan Pablo was not. He appeared unfazed as she walked away to the limo earlier than he sighed and mentioned, “Woo, I am glad I did not choose her.”

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