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Here’s Where ‘Floor Is Lava’ Players Go After They Fall

The most recent Netflix recreation present, Flooring Is Lava, is just about precisely what it feels like: a televised model of that free recreation all of us performed as kids, the place we pretended the bottom was, nicely, lava, and tried to hop, skip, and soar from furnishings to furnishings, or no matter elevated factor there was, in order that we would not “fall in.”

The streaming platform’s newest recreation present watches groups navigate larger-than-life impediment programs in a home’s completely different “rooms,” swinging from bars and hopping from chair to chair in order to not fall into the recent purple “lava,” which by all accounts is most definitely water with meals dye. “Flooring Is Lava is mainly Crystal Maze meets Whole Wipeout meets Gladiators, besides the ground is product of lava,” writes Netflix’s official account.

In case your crew manages to get via all the rooms of the impediment course, there is a grand prize of $10,000. However each time a participant loses and falls into the lava, they vanish, leaving the remainder of their crew horrified and aghast.

So, the place do they go once they fall into the lava?

Nobody is extra perplexed by the place the contestants go once they fall into the lava lakes than viewers on Twitter. “WHERE DOES THE PERSON GO WHEN THEY FALL IN,” demanded one individual, whereas one other counseled how convincingly the present was edited. “I actually like how #FloorIsLava on Netflix is edited to make it appear like individuals disappear perpetually as soon as they enter the lava,” wrote one other.

Supply: Netflix

One factor is for positive: When a contestant falls into the lava, it is as much as the remainder of their crew members to complete the extent on their very own, with the added stress of avenging their fallen teammate and hoping they do not succumb to the identical fiery destiny.

Remaining gamers act like their teammate has drowned or died within the lava, and the present has remained impressively tight-lipped about the place the losers go.

One principle that is been circulating the web is that “some underwater scuba crew” whisks gamers who’ve fallen into the lava away, or that contestants who fall are pulled right into a decrease room from beneath the set. However that appears extraordinarily unlikely, as The Cinemaholic writes, contemplating “such a maneuver is sort of unimaginable to tug off for a easy cause that if there’s any gap contained in the room, it should additionally begin emptying the lava — even when the outlet opens for a couple of seconds.”

Supply: Adam Rose/Netflix

This leads us to the Occam’s razor (“the best answer is sort of at all times the appropriate one”) principle of Flooring Is Lava, which is that it is all a matter of enhancing. Viewers will discover the repeated playbacks of the autumn and different cuts after a participant succumbs to the lava, and plenty of assume that producers pull the individual out of the purple waters earlier than persevering with the sport. 

In fact, viewers by no means see this behind-the-scenes second and are left scratching their heads questioning if the lava is definitely actual and the gamers have incinerated on contact. 

Oh, the wonders of video enhancing! Stream Flooring Is Lava on Netflix right now.

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