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Hitman 3 Adds Sapienza Bonus Mission Free For All Players

Hitman The Icon Mission

Hitman 3 is bringing back an old Hitman 1 Sapienza mission called ‘The Icon’ and making it free for all players, including starter pack owners.

In a pleasant surprise to players, Hitman 3 has brought back an old free Sapienza mission that transforms the city into the set of a new superhero movie. Agent 47 has been hired by the studio producing the film to go and assassinate its star due to being difficult to work with and not having the ability to release him from his contract.

Hitman 3 has received plenty of new content since launching back in January, both free and paid. The content has given players plenty of reason to continue playing after completing the highly replayable missions and also allowed fans to really soak up Agent 47 and his world one last time before IO Interactive moves on to Bond completely.

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IO Interactive’s latest support for Hitman 3 is a free update for Sapienza. The new mission ‘The Icon” brings Agent 47 back to the Italian town to assassinate Dino Bosco, a washed-up actor who hopes his new superhero film will revive his career. This has led him to demand perfection from the film, leading to it going over budget, and the studio wants him dead as they can’t release him from his contract. The mission will be free for all players, including the free starter pack, from May 14 – May 23.

Hitman 3 has seen incredible success since its launch, boasting huge sales and fantastic reviews. It’s likely IO is still reaping the benefits thanks to its smart strategy of releasing a variety of free and premium content, not only to owners of the full game but also to users who picked up the free starter pack. The developer still has at least five more paid DLC packs to release, which will likely carry it through until the end of the year, which is a pretty impressive level of support to give a single-player game.

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The series is expected to take a significant rest after IO finishes up this wave of support. The Hitman dev is working on a new IP with Xbox, according to rumors. The game is early in its development as the studio seems laser-focused on James Bond for the next few years. The team isn’t quite sure where Hitman will go when it returns to it, but the idea is to hopefully do something new as the “World of Assassination” trilogy closes a certain chapter for Agent 47. Of course, IO Interactive could choose to release new levels for Hitman 3 at a later date should they choose and it seems unlikely anyone would have any complaints.

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Hitman 3 can be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Source: IO Interactive/Youtube

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