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Horse Racings Greatest Moments to Date

Horse Racing

Horse racing has historically provided its devoted punters numerous thrilling, gut wrenching and simply superb racing moments over the years. From big winning bets from the punters to owners celebrations in the paddock following a decisive victory, the sport has rightfully cemented itself as one of the best across the globe. With so many special occasions to choose from, making a list of the greatest horse racing moments to date is no mean feat, but we think we have managed to narrow it down to a select few truly special moments.

Red Rum and Tiger Roll at the Grand National

Historically, when it comes to British horse racing, the biggest name thrown around has been Red Rum. This legendary horse went down in history and made a big impact on racing news; also a wider cultural folklore after winning 3 Grand Nationals during its prime years. Known for lightning speed and immense power, Red Rum came back from 30 lengths behind in his debut Grand National in 1973 win before cementing his place as one of the best horses to have ever raced when he went on to win the National again in ‘74 and ‘77. His 3rd win would set him apart from any other horse since the establishment of modern racing. So highly regarded, many have thought of Red Rum as somewhat untouchable. That is, until they witnessed the majesty of Tiger Roll. This Irish thoroughbred is currently still competing and could very well put himself even more down in history with another Grand National win. Having won the 2018 and 2019 National, this horse was on for a 3rd consecutive National win alongside other trophies before his style being cramped by the Coronavirus pandemic. We can all hope to see Tiger Roll compete in the next National but the horse isn’t getting any younger.

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Secretariats win

In a big year for horse racing, what is widely regarded as the best race in racing history saw the American Thoroughbred, Secretariat, thrash his competitors by 31 lengths in the 1973 Belmont Stakes before going on to win the Triple Crown – the first time any horse had in 25 years. Going from last to first, Secretariat put his name down in cultural and racing history with this emphatic victory at the last stage of the Triple Crown in Belmont. His performances at the Kentucky Derby remains a course record and his blistering finish at Preakness saw him create a world and course record at 1.53 mins. Remaining one of only two horses to have managed to complete the course in under 2 minutes, he can easily be regarded as not only a race horse legend but also an American sporting legend. He made a huge cultural impact during a time of great uncertainty and political unrest and unified many through his extremely entertaining and utterly astonishing ability on the racetrack. It is for this reason that not only his performances at the Triple Crown have gone down in history, but he has also gone down in history as one of the greats.

The Magnificent 7

This is one surefire way to cement your legacy as a sporting great. And it certainly did this. Frankie Dettori put his name down in sporting history on a sunny September day in 1996. This incredibly talented jockey only went and won every single Ascot race in what is regarded as one of the best sporting events of the century. Known as the Magnificent 7 this immense jockey made his name by winning all 7 races on offer at Royal Ascot in 1996. In doing so he defied all the odds, rocked the sports betting market and even dented the British stock exchange. It was such an unprecedented win that even the jockey himself has said that he would be surprised if he ever sees someone complete this feat again. A momentous occasion that is not going to be forgotten any time soon.

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Over the years this fine sport has created some amazing memories and whilst there are far more than what we have gone through here, these are the creme de la creme of the sports fabulous historic past.

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