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How Americans Have Spent Their Time Online During the Pandemic

Online During the Pandemic

As we pass the one-year mark from when the first Covid-19 cases were confirmed in the United States, there is no surprise that news is emerging concerning the online habits of people throughout the pandemic. 


The internet and technology as a whole have proven their worth throughout the pandemic for allowing businesses to continue trading, schools and colleges to continue teaching, and for people to stay in contact with one another.  


While they have certainly played an essential role in getting us through one of the most challenging times in our lifetimes, it has fascinated researchers and surveyors alike to delve into American people’s online habits throughout the pandemic. 


Spending Increased Periods on Social Media 


With increased ownership of smartphones, it is to be expected that when people have more time on their hands, they spend it online. Social media is something that millions of people use. They tweet, stream, snap, and share snippets of their lives and post them for hundreds of other people to see. 


This is something that could not be truer for the duration of the pandemic. Research has found that from March 2020 onwards, the average social media user spent approximately 1-2 hours more on the platforms than they usually would.  


While social media provides a way for people to stay in contact with one another, it is also a place where users can be creative. None more so than on TikTok.  


A video-creation platform, TikTok has wholly dominated the social media scene in the last year, with an estimated 100 million people using the app each day. That is a lot of dancing videos if you ask us.  


More People Taking a Gamble 


With the rise in internet usage overall, along with the complete closure of casinos, bingo venues, and others, there is no surprise that more Americans than ever turned to the online casino world.  


While Covid-19 impacted the in-person gambling scene directly, it had the opposite effect on its technological counterpart. Online casinos provided users with the same experiences they would receive in an in-person casino, including slot games, table games, and even live racing events. 

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That’s not all. It is estimated that online casinos have seen a 225% increase in the number of people playing online poker and other such games.  


Online casinos have drawn in record numbers of new players throughout 2020 through a combination of providing welcome bonus gifts to new users and an opportunity to socialize with other people. You needn’t have to use your own money and can talk to other people, combatting any loneliness that you are feeling.  


That being said, to keep users safe throughout this increased use of online casinos, websites such as Online Casino Review have been monitoring the ones that provide users the best experience, sign-on bonuses, and game variety. Find out more here 


Stream, Stream, Stream 

Whether it be a TV series, movie, or music, there have been record numbers racked up over the last year concerning how much people are streaming. 


It is estimated that Americans overall have spent more than $1 billion throughout lockdown on streaming platforms, reaching almost 72% of all housing within the country. With more people spending time at home through stay-at-home orders, coupled with general anxiety about being in crowded spaces, there is no surprise that there has been such a drastic uptake in the number of people who have been streaming to keep themselves and their families occupied.  


With the availability of websites and apps which allow people to share their screens, there have also been many people who have hosted Netflix movie parties with those far away, of whom they have not been able to see in person due to social distancing and restrictions. Keeping in contact this way has become ever-popular and is something that we are confident will continue as we move forward from here.  

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Increased Time Gaming 


Further to the point about streaming music and other entertainment, it comes as no surprise that to go hand-in-hand with that was an increase in the amount of time people spent gaming throughout the last year.  


With the release of blockbuster games such as Animal Crossing New Horizons, and the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077, gamers of all ages were estimated to have spent an increased time gaming online and offline.  


In recent surveys conducted, it was found that in the latter half of 2020, that four out of five people played video games, with one-third of those surveyed stating that they had spent more money on video games in 2020 than ever before.  


While these are but some of the many ways that Americans have spent time online during the pandemic, we hope that it has been insightful when considering the ways that you and others have got yourselves through the last year. The light at the tunnel is ever approaching, and things will begin to get more comfortable as we progress forward, that we can be sure of.  

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