How Does the Original ‘Matrix’ Trilogy End? It Gives Clues for ‘The Matrix 4’

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Throughout the course of the trilogy, Neo and his team learn that their mission is part of a carefully crafted simulation that has been repeated six times already — but with Neo at its helm, this time proves different. His love of Trinity is what sets his mission apart from previous ones, and ultimately, it’s also what leads to its success.

The humans and machines eventually reach a truce, and any human who wishes to be freed from the Matrix can be, without question.

Neo was carried away by the machines to Machine City at the conclusion of The Matrix Revolutions, though what exactly happens to him afterward remains unclear. As the Matrix reboots at the end of the trilogy, the trailer for the fourth film suggests that Neo could be trapped in an entirely new simulation — giving the film an opportunity to serve as both a reboot and a sequel.

What exactly is happening to Neo? Matrix fans will have to wait until Dec. 22, 2021 to find out.

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