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How Much Of Jason Takes Manhattan Was Filmed In New York (& Where Else Was Used)

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Friday the 13th Part 8 promises that Jason Takes Manhattan, but only part of the movie takes place there, and even less was filmed in New York City.

Friday the 13th Part 8 promises that Jason Takes Manhattan, but only part of the movie takes place there, and even less was actually filmed in New York City. If there’s one location most associated with Jason Voorhees, it’s Camp Crystal Lake. The first seven Friday the 13th films take place at the camp, or in the surrounding small town, and it’s telling that when Freddy vs. Jason‘s human characters wanted to give Jason an advantage for his fight with Freddy, they drove the villain to Crystal Lake.

At the same time, setting seven movies in the same place tends to get a little old, and that was the case for Friday the 13th, at least in the eyes of Paramount. Writer/director Rob Hedden pitched the idea that Part 8 take Jason to New York City, in an effort to liven up the franchise. Hedden originally had lots of great scenes in mind for the project, including Jason climbing the Statue of Liberty, and massacring audience members at a Broadway play.

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Alas, as fans already know, scenes like those didn’t happen. Instead, only the last act of Jason Takes Manhattan actually takes place in Manhattan, with everything before that on a cruise ship traveling there. This was done due to Paramount wanting to save money and the high cost of filming in New York City. To add insult to injury, only a portion of the Manhattan scenes were actually shot there.

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Jason Takes Manhattan Filmed Most Of Its Manhattan Scenes Elsewhere

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan actually only shot a few scenes of material in New York City. This most notably includes anything involving Times Square, which makes sense, as the look of that location is almost impossible to reproduce anywhere else. Surprisingly, a few city scenes were actually shot in Los Angeles. However, Jason Takes Manhattan‘s primary filming locations for the New York City scenes were actually up in Canada, which has long been a destination when Hollywood is looking to cut costs, thanks to abundant tax breaks.

The cruise ships were indeed shot on a real ship, as again, that’s another setting that would’ve been more trouble to try and imitate than to just shoot on for real. The ship’s name was the S.S. Princess Patricia, a rather inviting name for the setting of a massacre on the high seas. Jason Takes Manhattan‘s Canadian filming took place in British Columbia, with most happening in Vancouver. Vancouver has doubled for countless cities over the years, so it’s no surprise that it was used to fill in for less recognizable parts of New York City, such as back alleys and rundown blocks, or the sewer system that the film insists fills with toxic waste at night. Of course, people who’ve actually lived in Manhattan can likely tell the difference in their city’s portrayal in Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan, but the average viewer probably would be none the wiser.

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