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How Piglet’s Dan Marino Football Clue Fits Nick Lachey


Cluedle Doo confused fans with a clue about Piglet playing football with Dan Marino, but we can explain how it still fits boy bander Nick Lachey.

This week on The Masked Singer, Cluedle Doo confused fans. Fans have been certain for a while that Piglet is former boy bander, Nick Lachey. We even predicted it before the show premiered. However, a new clue was given by the meddling rooster that he had followed Piglet’s career since he was catching touchdowns thrown by Dan Marino, which really made people second guess that opinion. Lachey never played in the NFL. There is over a 10-year age gap between the football legend and the 98 Degrees singer, which makes it unlikely they played together during their school careers.

There is no doubt Lachey is a huge football fan. Quite the sports aficionado, Lachey has appeared several times at the Super Bowl, is a part-owner of the basketball team Hollywood Fame, and owns a minor league baseball team. Known for being a huge sports fan, he even once planned to pursue sports medicine at the University of Southern California. Lachey was also escorted out of an NFL game for a fight with a fan of the Chargers, who were playing his favorite team, the Bengals. Still, none of this explains how he could be catching touchdowns thrown by the Miami Dolphins quarterback.

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Well, fans don’t have to worry, there is no need to change their prediction. Cluedle Doo’s clue does fit Lachey. Believe it or not, the pop star has caught touchdowns thrown by Dan Marino! Even more shocking, the show’s very own host, Nick Cannon, was playing alongside them. This all happened at MTV’s Rock N Jock Super Bowl XXXVIII – an event that took place back in 2004 to celebrate the NFL draft. Wild ‘N Out even posted a throwback video on their Facebook page where Cannon makes a touchdown and can be seen giving Lachey a celebratory fist bump afterward.

One Tree Hill Nick Lachey

Piglet’s clue package included a story no one knows. This story involved him and his fraternity brothers deciding to shave their heads in unity before a big party. This was when Piglet discovered he had an apple-shaped birthmark on his head he never knew about. His crush wasn’t impressed. While we can’t verify the story, we do know Lachey was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Miami University of Ohio. So far all of Piglet’s clues this season have been easily linked to Lachey.

Piglet is also thought to be a front-runner to win this season’s golden mask. Tonight’s performance of the Phil Collins hit “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)” further secured his position at the top, and it’s a pretty safe bet that fans will be able to tune in to see him still performing on finale night. Whether he is able to pull off the win or not is still yet to be seen, but we don’t think there is much risk of him being revealed before that night. We are sure, though, that when he is revealed it will be reality TV star, Nick Lachey.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Fox.

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