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How To Block Instagram Accounts (And How To Unblock Them)

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Sometimes, blocking another user on Instagram has to be done. Learn how to do it, what happens when someone is blocked, and how to unblock them.

Whether someone is spreading spam, hurtful posts, or something else, blocking another Instagram user is sometimes a necessity. Thankfully, Instagram makes it incredibly easy to block (and unblock) people with just a couple of taps.

Having a positive relationship with any social media app is much easier said than done. The applications are addicting to use, harvest personal information for targeted advertising, and are often home to users who ruin the experience for others. While everyone handles their social media use differently, every Instagram user should know how to block an account that’s doing more harm than good.

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To get started, as Instagram explains, open the app and find the user that needs to be blocked. On their profile page, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner and then tap ‘Block.’ Users can then choose to only block that one account or to block it and any new accounts that the same user creates. Finally, tap the ‘Block’ button on the bottom of the page to confirm the selection. All the posts from that user are now hidden, they can’t mention or tag the person that blocked them, they won’t show up in search results, and they won’t be allowed to send direct messages. For all intents and purposes, their existence on Instagram is completely hidden.

How To Unblock An Instagram Account

In addition to blocking an account, there are various reasons why someone may want to do unblock one, Regardless of what they are, the process for doing so is pretty straightforward. Open the Instagram app, tap the profile icon on the bottom navigation bar, tap the three-lines in the upper-right corner, tap ‘Settings,’ tap ‘Privacy,’ and then tap ‘Blocked Accounts.’ This shows a list of all blocked accounts, with an ‘Unblock’ button sitting next to each one. Tap the ‘Unblock’ button, tap it again on the pop-up that appears, and the account will return to normal before it was blocked.

Instagram users aren’t notified when they’ve been blocked or unblocked, so feel free to do this however often is necessary. The only thing to keep in mind is how likes/comments are handled during all of this. After blocking an account, any of their likes and comments are removed from the blocker’s posts. When the account is unblocked, those likes and comments are not restored. That could be an issue for some users, but most will likely see it as a positive feature rather than a negative one.

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