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How to Broker Peace Between the Geth & Quarians

Mass Effect 3 Peace Geth Quarians

It’s possible for Shepard to resolve the conflict between the Geth and Quarians peacefully. Shepard must make certain choices to achieve this outcome.

One of the major obstacles Shepard will face when trying to unite the galaxy against the Reapers in Mass Effect 3 is the escalating conflict between the geth and quarians. Long before the events of Mass Effect, the geth and quarians have been engaged in a sort of war that drove the quarians from their home planet, Rannoch. In Mass Effect 3, this situation comes to a head, and as Reapers ravage the galaxy, the quarians are instead preoccupied launching an all-out war against the geth. The events of Mass Effect 3 will take Shepard to Rannoch in the midst of this conflict, and they will need to decide which side to support. There is also a way for Shepard to help broker peace between the geth and the quarians, but it requires significant work throughout the trilogy.

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Brokering peace between the geth and the quarians is only possible if Shepard makes careful choices during Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. However, the reward is well worth the effort. The geth and quarians both come with War Assets Shepard will need in the fight against the Reapers and will help increase Galactic Readiness and Total Military Strength. It is in Shepard’s best interest to avoid having to take sides and resolve the conflict peacefully to achieve the most cooperation for the war effort. Here’s how to broker peace between the geth and the quarians during Priority: Rannoch in Mass Effect 3.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Mass Effect 3 mission Priority: Rannoch and its aftermath.

How to Solve the Geth and Quarian Conflict Peacefully in Mass Effect 3

Tali points a gun at Legion in Mass Effect 2

Brokering peace between the geth and quarians in Mass Effect 3 has a lengthy list of requirements. During the cutscene following Shepard taking down the Reaper on their own, Legion will suggest uploading the Reaper code to the geth collective to allow the species to attain true intelligence. Shepard ultimately has two options: Allow the upload or Stop Legion. Either way, the unsupported party will protest. At this point, the option will pop up again. This time, Shepard should see the Charm/Intimidate options, if they are available.

There are several mandatory requirements for unlocking the persuasion options at all to achieve the peaceful option. These requirements appear below:

Legion from Mass Effect 2 & 3

The remaining requirements have point values associated with them. To achieve peace, Shepard must reach between 5 and 7 points. If they have four points or below, they will be forced to take a side. The requirements and their associated points include:

  • Shepard must have completed Tali’s Loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2, and Tali must not have been exiled from the Migrant Fleet. (+2 Points)
  • Shepard must have completed Legion’s Loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2 and destroyed the geth heretics. (+2 Points)
  • Shepard must have broken up the fight between Tali and Legion in Mass Effect 2 without taking sides, using the Charm or Intimidate dialogue options. (+1 Point)
  • Shepard must complete Rannoch: Admiral Koris ahead of Priority: Rannoch. (+1 Point)
  • Shepard must choose to save Admiral Koris, leaving behind his remaining squad, in Rannoch: Admiral Koris. (+1 Point)

If Shepard chooses, for example, to rewrite rather than destroy the geth heretics, they will need to complete every single other requirement, or peace will not be an available option.

Tali the Quarian from Mass Effect

As long as Shepard has enough points, they will be able to Charm the quarians and Rally the Fleet, or Intimidate and Warn the Fleet. This will depend on their Paragon/Renegade score. These are the only two options Shepard can use if they want the peaceful resolution.

Any outcome of Priority: Rannoch in Mass Effect 3 results in Legion’s death. Brokering peace between the geth and quarians will result in Legion sacrificing themselves to distribute the new programming. This is unfortunately the most preferable option. Should Shepard take the quarians’ side and let the geth die, they will wipe out the entire geth species, Legion included. And, should they take the geth’s side and allow the upload, Legion dies as a result of distributing the Reaper code, and the geth will wipe out the quarians, leading Tali to commit suicide even if she is Loyal and romanced.

After brokering peace between the geth and quarians in Mass Effect 3, Shepard should make a point to speak with Tali in Engineering to earn Reputation points and find out how things have progressed on Rannoch. EDI also has some thoughts to share, which change depending on the outcome. Shepard can learn that the geth have rapidly helped the quarians advance and begin to work out some of their immune system issues to help them leave their environment suits. Both the geth and the quarians will lend their forces as War Assets against the Reapers.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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