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What Among Us Quickchat Feature Does

Streaming Among Us with friends can be part of the fun, and now the option to stream through Twitch and Discord is also available to mobile players.

Streaming Among Us with friends and linking to Discord for voice chat are considered a major part of the party game’s overall experience. On mobile, it was more difficult for players to connect to an Among Us game through Discord and take advantage of the various Discord bots and voice chat features PC players had access to. Though the introduction of Quickchat helped make communication a little easier on mobile, voice chat still seems to be the preferred method of deliberation in meetings. With the Among Us update to Version 2021.5.10, Innersloth has introduced further mobile integrations for Twitch and Discord to make it easier for players to connect, create and share lobbies, and stream.

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Players will find the buttons to connect to Twitch and Discord via mobile in the Settings menu. They will be prompted to sign in to complete the link between their Among Us app and their Twitch and Discord accounts. They will also need to have an Among Us account and not be a minor to use these new features. Here’s how to connect Twitch and Discord to Among Us on mobile.

Link to Twitch and Discord in Among Us Settings

The button in Settings to begin streaming on Twitch via mobile in Among Us

To link accounts and access Twitch and Discord on Among Us for mobile, fans will need to update their game to the latest version, open the app, and select the Settings menu. There should now be a button that reads Start Streaming On Twitch. Choosing this option will prompt players to sign in to their Twitch account to start their stream.

Next to the Twitch link button, players can find a Discord icon. Tapping this icon will open the Discord app and prompt players to Authorize Among Us to access their Discord account information. Once their account has been linked, players can begin a game on mobile and tap the Discord button that appears next to the private/public option button in the lobby. They can directly send a room code invite to their friends on Discord from this button. Players on both mobile and PC should be able to send and join invites from Discord.

Among Us Discord Twitch Integration How Work

These two features will only work if players have an Among Us account, are logged in, and are not minors. Players will need to log in once they open the app if they have not done so already. As long as a player has a full account and is not a minor, they can also choose not to use Quickchat and have the option to change to free chat instead.

The Among Us update to Version 2021.5.10 also comes with a few mobile bug fixes. The glitch causing Among Us crewmates to appear as pink blobs, particularly on Android, should not happen any longer, and iOS users should not need to sign in any time they launch the app. These mobile integration improvements should make Among Us more accessible across platforms, allowing players to join from anywhere for a quick match on the go.

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Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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